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Dual Enrollment Quick Guide

Welcome to Central Virginia Community College (CVCC)

As a dual-enrollment (DE) student, you have the same rights, privileges and access to resources as outlined in the College Catalog and Student Handbook. You will be required to abide by CVCC’s student policies as published in the Student Handbook.
Resources and Support
DE students are eligible to receive the same support services that students on campus can access, including tutoring, library and academic advising. More info can be found at:
Attending each class is imperative for College success! Attendance requirements are detailed in an instructor’s syllabus. The course syllabus is the contract between the instructor and the students.

High school breaks and holiday may not correspond to the College calendar.

It is your responsibility to inform an instructor prior to an absence from class. You are responsible for making up all coursework missed during an absence.
  Clipped screenshot of CVCC website with myCVCC link circled
Accessing Email/Canvas/SIS (myCVCC)
If you are unable to log into the myCVCC portal, you should call the College’s Help Desk at 434.832.7649.
How Do I Get My Student ID/Library Card?
Please come to the Library or one of the CVCC Off-Campus centers no earlier than three weeks prior to when each semester starts. Please have with you a form of government-issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) or a birth certificate or Social Security card if you have no photo ID.
Permanent College Record
All DE grades earned in DE courses become part of your permanent college record. The benefits of this abound, however there are some issues to consider. Performing poorly in DE classes could potentially affect your future eligibility for:
  • Guaranteed admissions agreements
  • Financial aid
Transcript Request
Screenshot of Student Information System (SIS) tile You can request official CVCC transcripts free of charge online through myCVCC:
  • Select “SIS: Student Information System
  • Click “Academic Records” and select “View Unofficial Transcript” or “Request Official Transcript
Inclement Weather
During snow or icy road conditions please listen to the radio or television, check the CVCC home page or call 434.832.7600 to listen to recorded messages. CVCC will notify the above television stations about closings or delays. Sign up to receive emergency alerts from CVCC via text message at:
Enrolling at CVCC After High School Graduation
When you graduate from high school, you will be able to enroll as a curricular student to complete any eligible degrees and certificates. Since you are already a CVCC student, you will not need to reapply if you return within three years. Your CVCC ID and username will remain the same.

You will have a Dual Enrollment hold on your account that will prevent you from enrolling in classes independently. When preparing to choose classes for the fall, you will need to meet with an academic counselor or College Navigator to choose a major and have the Dual Enrollment hold removed.
Contact Information:
Lisa Pannell, Dual Enrollment Coordinator
434.832.7832 or
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