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Community Service Leave Guidelines

Community Service Leave
Reasons for Leave
Leave under this policy may be used for providing volunteer service through volunteering for non-profit organizations (not including church functions) or for school assistance as outline below.
Volunteer Opportunities
Other Volunteer Service Activities - Employees may be granted paid leave under this policy to provide voluntary service as part of an organized service project sponsored by a community, national or other service organization. For example, an employee could be granted volunteer leave to:
  • Deliver meals to the elderly or to needy community citizens through an organization such as Meals on Wheels;
  • Attend non-profit boards and committee meetings (Scouts, Big Brother/Big Sister, Red Cross, etc.);
  • Participate in activities directly related to non-profit fundraising (e.g., set up/take down, registration, answering phones, recruiting/organizing/training volunteers);
  • Do yard work, painting, cleaning, maintenance through a non-profit organization, or;
  • Volunteer for Scouts, Big Brother/Big Sister, or other non-profit organization.
School Assistance
Employees with children may be granted paid leave under this policy to:
  • Meet with a teacher or administrator of a public or private preschool, elementary school, middle school, or high school concerning their children, step-children, or children for whom the employee has legal custody; or
  • Attend a school function in which such children are participating.
Any employee may be granted paid leave under this policy to perform volunteer work approved by any teacher or school administrator to assist a public preschool, elementary school, middle school, or high school.

Additional examples:
  • Chaperone a school field trip
  • Ring the bell for Salvation Army at Christmas time
  • Participate in the Relay for Life event
  • Participate in Habitat for Humanity
**Note: When submitting leave in HRMS (Peoplesoft), enter the organization, event, or school in the Comments section the leave is pertaining to.
updated: 4/2013
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