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Search Committee Chair Memo

Although the hiring process may be time-consuming, complex, and frustrating at times, it is one of the more important tasks we undertake.  Finding and hiring the right candidate is critical to the future success of Central Virginia Community College (CVCC).  Additionally, your role as committee chair is very important to the success of this search.  In the role of committee chair, you are responsible for:
  • Following the CVCC Recruitment Procedures (see attachment);
  • Scheduling and leading meetings of the Search Committee;
  • Serving as a liaison between the committee and the Human Resources Office;
  • Communicating with Knowledge Center Administrator to ensure committee members have taken the Knowledge Center’s Interview Training;
  • Ensuring committee members follow appropriate guidelines and maintaining strict confidentiality throughout the search process;
  • Maintaining and forwarding appropriate records to the Human Resources Office;
  • Shredding any copies of candidates applications provided for committee review;
  • Keeping committee members focused on clearly defined and objective job-related criteria during the screening process;
  • Forwarding top candidates, as chosen by the committee, to the Human Resources Office;
  • Once Human Resources Manager has approved the interviewee list, scheduling candidate interviews;
  • Serving as lead host and establishing a positive interview environment for each candidate.
Documents to return to the Human Resources Office:
  • Original Applications
  • Completed applicant referral memo for each referred candidate with reason(s) for non-selection and Search Committee signatures
  • Interview notes from each committee member
  • Blank copy of interview questions approved by committee
  • Blank copy of screening and selection criteria approved by committee
  • All test material (if applicable)
  • Individual committee members’ completed screening grid
  • Screening grid detailing final candidates’ rankings
  • Recommendation for New Hire form
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