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Search Committee Checklist

  • All committee members must be able to attend ALL interviews.
  • All committee members must sign confidentiality statement
  • Allow at least an hour for each interview.
  • Have the candidate come in 10-15 minutes earlier so they can review the questions and EWP/Job Description while they wait for interview to start.
  • Review and have the candidate sign the Applicant Referral Memorandum.
  • Have committee members introduce themselves, including their titles.
  • The same committee member should ask the same questions in each interview for consistency.
  • Ask only job-related, skill-based questions, no personal questions, i.e. family or health.
  • Each committee member must take notes – write what the candidate actually says.
  • Document facts and behaviors not judgments or opinions.
  • Have candidate return EWP/Job Description/Questions sheet.
  • Complete an Interview Summary (rank) for each candidate’s qualifications and background into one document.
  • Have all members sign the Applicant Referral Memorandum.
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