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Access the CVCC Calendar via the Outlook Mobile Application

From the Outlook mobile application, go to Calendar View by pressing the calendar icon in the bottom right corner [Image 1].
Screenshot of Outlook mobile calendar
Image 1

From Calendar View, press the ‘collapse menu’ icon in the top left corner [Image 2].
Mobile icon commonly reffered to as the Hamburger Menu
Image 2

This will display your current calendars and settings options. From this menu, you will press the ‘add calendar’ button in the top left corner [Image 3].
Screenshot of Outlook mobile add calendar
Image 3

A pop-up menu will open at the bottom of the screen and you will select the second option: ‘add a shared calendar’ [Image 4].
Screenshot of pop-up menu to add account/calendar
Image 4

A screen with a search box will be displayed [Image 5] and in the search box, you will type 'CVCC Calendar' and press the + symbol next to the listing [Image 6] to add it to your account in the Outlook mobile app.
Screenshot of search box
Image 5

Screenshot of search results with plus button to add calendar
Image 6

Once added, it should appear in the list with your other calendars [Image 7].
Screenshot of calendar added to user's list
Image 7

Make sure you have checked the box next to the calendar in order for it to display in Calendar View. You can display as few or as many calendars as you would like from your list. They will populate in one single calendar within Calendar View [Image 8].
Screenshot of CVCC Calendar in Outlook mobile
Image 8
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