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Submit For Publishing

When you have finished making changes to your web page, make sure to click the Check in button to commit all your changes to the system (checking a page in also unlocks the page).
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Cropped screenshot of Check in button

Before continuing with these steps, make sure you are finished with ALL the edits you need to make.  Once you submit a page for publishing it will be locked and cannot be edited again until the submission step is resolved by an administrator.

If the page edits are done and you want to have the page published to the server, click the Submit for approval button.
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Cropped screenshot of Submit for approval button
Once a page is submitted for approval it is locked from editing until the admisitrator takes action.
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Cropped screenshot of page in Approval step
Once the page is submitted, an automated email will go to the administrator.  The page is briefly checked for accessibility compliance and adherance to marketing/website guidelines.  One of three actions will be taken by the administrator:
  1. No issues are found with the page and it is published.
  2. Minor issues are found and corrected by the administrator before pubishing the page.
  3. Major issues are found and the page is rejected.  In the event of a page rejection the administrator will reach out to the content editor with an explanation for what failed to pass and how it can be corrected.
Once the administrator takes action you should receive an automated email informing you whether the page was published or rejected.  Pages published in the editing server are then placed into a staging queue.  At the top of every hour the editing server synchronizes changes to the live server.  Once this last step happens, your edits will appear on the live site.
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