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NEC IP Phone Cheat Sheet

NEC SV8300 Brief Sheet
(IP Phones with Login)
Originally provided by BB&T Communications
  1. Enter login code and press “SET” Softkey. (The station number is used as the Login code.)
  2. Enter the password and press “OK” Softkey
  3. If the login code is accepted, display changes to normal idle status.
  1. Press the preassigned Logout Feature Key on the terminal.
  2. LOGOUT?” is displayed on the LCD of the terminal.
  3. Press the Logout Feature Key on the terminal again.
Answering a call
  1. Pick up handset (Or press Speaker)……
  2. Start talking
Placing a call
Inside Call
Pick up handset (Or press Speaker) and dial extension number.
Outside Call
Pick up handset (Or press Speaker), dial “9”, and dial number.
Placing a call on hold
With a call in progress, press the Hold button.
While the call is on hold you may:
  • Hang up the handset
  • Use the paging function
  • Dial another Outside number or inside station
To return to the holding call, press the blinking CAP/Line key
Transferring a call
Using Manual Dial –With a call in progress:
  1. Press the Transfer key.
  2. Dial the station number (or press the desired DSS key) and receive ringback tone.
  3. Announce the call (optional).
  4. Replace the handset…. The two other parties will be connected.
Note 1: If the called station is busy, replace the handset to initiate a camp-on. Unanswered camp-on calls and unscreened transfers will recall to the transferring station.
Note 2: To return to the original party, press the flashing CAP/Line key or Conf key.
Note 3: To transfer a call directly to a personal voice mailbox, dial 8 after dialing the station number.
Conference calling
This feature allows you to include more than one other caller in a conversation.
  1. While a call is in progress  Press the Transfer key.  First party is placed on hold.
  2. Dial the station or outside number you want to add.
  3. When the party answers, press the Conference key. The display shows CONF.
Repeat steps 2~4 to add more parties.
Standard maximum conference is 2 outside parties, 1 internal party and yourself.
Parking a call
Parking a call is used when placing a call on hold for another station to retrieve (when not transferring to their extension)
With a call in progress
  1. Press the Transfer key and received Consultation Tone.
  2. Press the Park key (or Access Code).(look in the display to see what spot the call is Parked.. ex..00, 01,...64).
  3. Use Paging to announce the call and specify Park location (00, 01..-..64).
  4. Press the Speaker key to hang up or hang up the phone.
If the parked call is not answered it will ring back to the parking station.
Retrieving a Parked call
  1. Pick up the handset of any phone on the system (Or press Speaker),
  2. Dial * 6 (or press the Park button)
  3. Input the Park Location number (example... "0 0", "0 1",..."6 4")
Call pickup (Direct)
This feature allows you to answer a call that is ringing to another station.
Pick up the handset or press the Speaker key.
Press the Call Pickup button or dial * *
Dial the number of station whose call you want to intercept.
Paging / Dial Intercom
  1. Pick up the handset (Or press Speaker) and press the Page All button
  2. After the tone announce the page
  3. Hang up
Call Forwarding - All
To Set
  1. Press the Speaker key. Receive dial tone.
  2. Press FD-A key or dial Call Forward-All access code. Receive special dial tone.
  3. Dial destination station or outside telephone number. Receive service set tone.
  4. FD-A LED lights (at your station if FD-A key was used).
  5. Press Speaker key. Call Forwarding for all calls is set.
To Verify (With Multi-line Phone)
  1. Press Speaker key. Receive extension dial tone.
  2. Press FD-A key or dial Call Forward-All access code.
  3. Display indicates the station number calls are forwarded to.
To Cancel
  1. Press Speaker key. Receive dial tone. Press FD-A key plus * or dial Call Forward – All cancel code. Receive serve set tone. LED goes out at your station (or the phone of the sub line station).
  2. Press Speaker key.
Last Number Redial
  1. Press the Redial key and receive special dial tone.
  2. Each time the Redial key is pressed the numbers dialed for the last five calls are displayed sequentially.
  3. Press #.key to select number to be Redialed.
System Speed Dial Lists
To program Speed Calling – System key (on one-touch speed calling key) (First time only)
  1. Press Feature key.
  2. Press desired One-Touch Speed Calling key. The LCD displays previously stored digits.
  3. Dial the “Speed Calling – System” access code and the abbreviated call code.
  4. Press Feature again.
To operate from the Speed Calling – System key
  1. Press the Speed Calling – System key. (If the DT Series does not have the “Speed Calling –System” key, dial the “Speed Calling – System” access code)
  2. Dial the abbreviated call code.
To operate from the Directory key
  1. Press the Directory key.
  2. Dial the abbreviated call code (maximum of 4 digits).
Station Speed Dial Lists
  1. Press the Redial button.
  2. Press the desired speed calling number.
Do not disturb
Do not disturb (DND) is used to automatically send incoming calls to your station, straight to voicemail instead of ringing at your station.
Press the DND button
Select the appropriate setting
1 = DND External Calls Only – You will still be able to receive intercom calls
2 = DND Internal Calls Only – You will still be able to receive outside calls
3 = DND All Calls – All calls will forward straight to voicemail
To remove from “Do not disturb” press the DND button again and select 0
Group Listen
This feature allows other in your vicinity to hear the caller, but only you will be able to converse with them over the handset.
  • With a call in progress via the handset, press the Speaker button twice, and do not hang up the phone
  • Pressing the Speaker button once puts the call on speaker phone; pressing the Speaker button a second time puts the call on Group Listen.
  • To cancel the Group Listen feature, press the Speaker button a third time.
1. While talking with the other party by handset., press the Speaker key and the associated LED lights.
3. Continue the conversation on the handset.
4. To return to private conversation, press the Speaker key again.
LCD Contrast
Press the Up/Down key in the on-hook status.
Handset Receiver Volume
Press the Up/Down key in the off-hook status or during the call.
Speaker Volume
Press the Up/Down key during speakerphone operation or during the call.  Alternate: Feature 0 Up/Down Feature
Adjust Ringer Tone
Press the Up/Down key during ringing.  Alternate: Feature 3 (multiple times) Feature
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