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Protect Your VCCS Gmail with MFA

How to Protect Your VCCS Google email account with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  1. Log in to MyCVCC and select the Gmail icon.
    Screenshot of myCVCC with Gmail tile highlighted
  2. Selecting the Gmail icon will open a new browser tab.  From the new tab, click on your initial at the top right and then click Manage your Google Account from the drop-down menu.
    Screenshot in Gmail with user initial highlighted in upper right corner
  3. Clicking Manage your Google Account will open a new broswer tab.  From the new tab click Security from the left menu.
    Screenshot of dropdown menu with Security option highlighted
  4. Clicking Security opens the menu shown. From this menu click the arrow highlighted to configure 2-Step Verification a.k.a. MFA.
    Screenshot of Security screen with 2-step Verification setting highlighted
  5. Clicking the arrow, displays the Get Started page.  Click the Get Started button.
    Screenshot of 2-Step Verification - Get Started
  6. Enter your phone number, select how you want to get receive verification codes, and click Next.
    Screenshot of 2-Step Verification with options for receiving codes
  7. After clicking Next, another window will open where you enter the verification code Google will send to the phone number you provided via the method requested (text or phone call). Enter this verification code and click Next again.
    Screenshot of 2-Step Verification with field to enter code
  8. After clicking Next on Step 7, a page appears confirming that you correctly entered the verification code. You haven’t officially turned on 2-Step Verification until you click the Turn On button in the lower right corner. After you have turned on 2-Step Verification, you will return to the Security options page where you can confirm your selection(s).
    Screenshot of 2-Step Verification successful screen with Turn On button highlighted
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