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Workspace - Secure Sharing of Files & Folders

Workspace is an environment for secure sharing of files and folders.
Logging In
You can log in to the Workspace from myCVCC.  You will see the new Workspace icon:
Screenshot of myCVCC

Since this application has been integrated with the myCVCC portal, you will see a login screen to get into Workspace with your credentials already filled in:
Screenshot of Workspace login screen
Alternatively, you can go straight into it using the link below, and login using your myCVCC credentials:
Using Workspace
If you now click on the Log in button, you will see the Workspace screen:
Screenshot of Workspace

The expanded top menu is shown below:
Screenshot of Workspace menu

Let us take the items one by one and discuss what you can do with this software.
  • New Folder: Use this option to create a new folder for yourself, which you can use to store documents or share with other users.
    Screenshot of Workspace folders
  • Upload: Click on this menu option to open a Windows Explorer browser window to upload files to this location.
  • Upload Folder: Click on this menu option to upload a whole folder.
  • Send Files: This opens a widow below, which you use to send files to recipients inside or outside our system.  The fields are pretty self-explanatory, and you fill I the email address of the recipient, add appropriate subject and message texts.  You will then either drag and drop your file(s) on the shaded area or upload them by clicking on the “Browse Computer” button.  You could also click on the check box at the bottom to encrypt the message body if it contains anything you want to send securely.
    Screenshot of Send Files within Workspace
  • Message Delivery Options button at the bottom lets you specify authentication and authorization details like whether the recipient has to be an authenticated user of the system or if an external user can receive the file(s) i.e. “No account required” for quick one-off file transmission. Note the warning for setting a short expiration date for enhanced security.  If you check “Account required”, only a recipient who can login to Workspace will be able to retrieve the file(s).
    Screenshot of Message Send Options within Workspace
  • Request Files: Click on this to open a window which lets you request files in a secure manner.
    Screenshot of Request Files within Workspace
    The Request Options button (shown on the next page) lets you specify options like whether a login to Workspace is required before the file can be sent to you, or if an external user can just respond directly. It also lets you specify how long the request will be valid before it expires.
    Screenshot of Request Options within Workspace
  • Sharing Folders: If you create a folder and click on the check box next to it, the menu changes to give you a different set of options:
    Screenshot of Sharing Folders within Workspace
    The Share button lets you share the folder with someone else through the window below.  It allows you to automatically notify them of the share option and also lets you set their permissions.  You can even set the share to automatically expire after a certain period of time.
    Screenshot of Share folder within Workspace
Logging Out
The server ends the session immediately when the browser is closed or after a period of inactivity. When the session is ended, the directory listing and any other personal information is cleared, and the login page is displayed.
  • Manual Log Out: Click the username in the upper right corner, then click Log out. Workspace closes and the Log In page reappears.
  • Automatic Log Out: After a period of inactivity (approximately 10 minutes), a message appears warning that you are about to be logged out. You can click Continue to stay connected. The message will reappear for each period of inactivity.
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