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Mission and Values

Central Virginia Community College is an accessible, comprehensive, public, two-year, higher education institution that is dedicated to
  • Providing open, flexible, affordable, quality learning opportunities for personal growth and the acquisition of the knowledge and skills necessary for a productive and meaningful life

  • Providing general education, transfer, applied science, certificate, and diploma programs

  • Determining and addressing the training needs of business, industry, and government to benefit the service area

  • Supporting workforce and economic development through participation in regional organizations and training for new and/or expanding businesses

  • Providing support services for education, training, technology infrastructure, and workforce development

The Local Advisory Board of the College must periodically review and approve the Mission Statement. The last approval occurred April 25, 2012, and is noted in the Board’s minutes.


CVCC Values

The shared values concerning teaching and learning at Central Virginia Community College listed below are among the beliefs which guide the institution in the development of its mission, goals, philosophy, and operational procedures. Each value is followed by a series of supporting statements that illustrate ways by which Central Virginia Community College makes its values operational.


CVCC Values Learning

The college has made the following commitments to support values learning:
  • To provide occupational education which prepares the graduate to work at levels expected by the community

  • To provide academic programs which prepare our students to succeed in upper division learning

  • To provide educational opportunities for personal development

  • To allocate resources for teaching and learning

  • To employ qualified persons to facilitate learning

  • To encourage the free exchange of ideas

  • To provide and encourage life-long learning

  • To encourage active participation in educational opportunities


CVCC Values Access to Educational Opportunities

The college supports this value:
  • By promoting its educational services

  • By keeping educational expenses affordable for our citizens

  • By providing active recruitment and retention programs for students

  • By providing equal opportunity in education and employment

  • By structuring the admission process to encourage enrollment

  • By providing developmental courses to qualify students for entrance into programs

  • By encouraging the development of programs with secondary and post-secondary situations


CVCC Values Diversity

The college supports this value:
  • By providing comprehensive educational programs

  • By promoting understanding of cultural diversity

  • By respecting individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds

  • By teaching students about the cultural, economic, political and social environments in which they live

  • By respecting and responding to students' different learning styles

  • By respecting and accepting different teaching styles

  • By recognizing the importance of prior learning and experience


CVCC Values Excellence in Performance

The college supports this value:
  • By establishing criteria of performance

  • By expecting students, faculty and staff to meet established criteria

  • By assessing performance

  • By recognizing outstanding performance

  • By encouraging faculty and staff to serve as positive role models

  • By promoting initiative, innovation and accountability

  • By promoting professional development of all college personnel

  • By encouraging persons to be aware of relevant current research

  • By assessing programs' effectiveness


CVCC Values a Supportive Environment

The college supports this value:
  • By establishing a safe, attractive and functional environment

  • By providing assistance in meeting standards

  • By promoting positive attitudes conducive to teaching and learning

  • By providing advisement and counseling to support the needs of students

  • By providing a variety of scholarships and financial aid programs

  • By sponsoring student organizations and extracurricular activities

  • By encouraging a caring attitude among students, faculty and staff


CVCC Values Democratic Decision Making

The college supports this value:
  • By establishing and maintaining a governance structure for shared decision making

  • By expecting ethical decision making

  • By stressing honesty and integrity

  • By establishing and maintaining an effective communication structure

  • By communicating accurately and promptly

  • By inviting ideas and suggestions from all citizens of our service area


CVCC Values Community Service

The college supports this value:

  • By cooperating with other educational organizations

  • By sponsoring activities which enrich the community

  • By planning educational programs with business, industry, and government By assessing the community's learning needs

  • By addressing the educational needs of the community

  • By responding to the changing needs of the community

  • By anticipating the future needs of the community  

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