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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
January 26, 2012


Dr. Hicks, Dr. Lemons, Dr. Laub, Dr. Mickles, Judy Graves, Will Sandidge, Dr. Fronheiser, Walter Krug, Susan Beasley, Linda Rodriguez, Leticia Forster, Polly Peters, Mike Danos, Tom Sparhawk, Sharon Capretta, Linda Daye, Ava Connelly, Amy McIvor and Mike Fein

Leticia Forster went first regarding the HR Requirements for Adjunct Faculty. She said that we do not have official transcripts on file for adjuncts as well as applications and that is unacceptable. She said that it was also brought to her attention that we are paying some adjuncts without having a signed contract. Dr. Lemons suggested giving every new adjunct faculty a form that is part of the HR paperwork that tells them they must request official transcripts be sent to HR so they are centralized. Linda Rodriguez said that there is nothing on the online system that tells adjuncts who are applying about a background check or requesting official transcripts.

Next, Dr. Fronheiser went with his agenda items. He said that the next due date preparing the SACS Monitoring Report is February 13th which is when the deans and/or faculty are to have the program assessment data analyzed. By the end of February, they should be taking that data and using it to make some sort of improvement in their programs. He said that the SACS Monitoring Report is due on April 16th and he has started writing the narrative.

Next, Dr. Hicks went with his agenda items. First, he said he wanted to resolve the issue of the activity hour. He asked Tom to speak on behalf of the Faculty Association. Tom said Monday or Tuesday at 1pm or 2pm are the times that the faculty have said would be best for them. Dr. Mickles and Dr. Laub agreed that Tuesday at 1pm would be a good solution. Dr. Lemons reluctantly supported it, with the understanding that contracts and agreements in the Allied Health areas have to be fulfilled. Will said that he is concerned about Early College classes. Dr. Lemons said that there have to be legitimate exceptions to allow for these situations. Tom agreed. Everyone agreed on Tuesday at 1pm.

Dr. Hicks asked Judy for an update to the annual schedule. She said it has to be online by April 1st, which means it has to be in place three day before that. Dr. Hicks said that Dr. Capps reminded everyone in the President’s staff meeting that the schedule should be done strategically. He said that he thinks they need to have weekly meetings to discuss the schedule. Those meetings will take place immediately after the AA&SS staff meeting on Thursday mornings.
Dr. Hicks brought up the issue of compressed video classes and how awful they are. He was wondering about getting rid of compressed video and using Blackboard Collaborate instead. Dr. Lemons suggested using laptops instead of desktops so the off-site centers would not have to have a dedicated room for this and it would be more mobile. Dr. Hicks asked the deans to invite their compressed video faculty to our next meeting.

Dr. Laub brought up the issue of overload pay for distance education courses. He said that the sliding scale for overload pay causes so many faculty to get overload pay when just one or two more students are added to a distance education class. Judy pointed out that the counselors do not get paid extra for the extra students in SDV 100. Dr. Laub suggested revisiting this topic for further review. Dr. Lemons said that when they make the snapshot decision, it is a regular class, but then enrollment spikes and they become an overload very quickly. Susan asked why we still have a distinction between regular and online courses in faculty compensation.  She said the original purpose of the scale was to be an incentive to get faculty to teach online courses to bulk up our distance education offerings. She said that now that the online program is up and running and not trying to be bulked up anymore, maybe we should not have the distinction between distance education and face-to-face classes regarding faculty compensation.

Dr. Hicks closed the meeting.
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