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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
February 9, 2012

Dr. Hicks, Dr. Lemons, Dr. Laub, Dr. Mickles, Judy Graves, Will Sandidge, Walter Krug, Linda Rodriguez, Linda Adams, Mike Danos, Tom Sparhawk, Cindy Wallin, Mary Evans and Mike Fein

SACS Monitoring Report:

Dr. Fronheiser was not in attendance today.

Agenda Items:

Dr. Hicks started off the meeting by opening it up for revisiting the topic of overload pay. Dr. Lemons said that the deans do not really have an issue with overload pay, but where they are coming from is they are being told to reduce overload pay. He said that you may schedule someone to teach 15 credit hours, but one or two of those might be compressed video. Because they are on that sliding scale, before they know it, they end up scheduled for 17, 18 or more credits. They think that the compressed video/web-based courses sliding scale is what causes the overloads. Dr. Mickles said that she agrees with Dr. Lemons. She also said that in her division, the faculty are very productive. Many of them carry an overload, but most of their classes are filled to the maximum. She feels comfortable with that because she has quality instruction for the students. Tom Sparhawk pointed out that the faculty like doing the overloads because they have not received a pay raise in years and costs have gone up, so this is a way to off-set and make more money. He also said that it is his understanding that they are paid adjunct pay for overloads, so they are getting a full-time faculty member at the adjunct rate.

Dr. Lemons said that he thought the issue that Dr. Capps was concerned with was having a full-time faculty member getting overload pay for one class and then teaching a low-enrollment class at the same time. He said that he eliminated those situations in his division this semester. Will said that the bottom line is to ask what is best for the students. He said we are here for the students and we need to do what is in their best interest. Dr. Lemons said that Terry Riddle once said, “if you guys were stupid enough to come up with this thing, I will be stupid enough to take advantage of it”. Dr. Lemons raised the question of do we want to continue to use this. He said that it was put in place for a good, valid reason, but he is not sure if it is something that we should continue to use. Will said that he thinks another thing that impacts on it is retention. He said most of the time you can find someone to teach a class, but it may not be the person you want. He said if we are going to emphasize retention, you are going to need to put the “A” team inside the class. And, to him, the “A” team should be the full-time faculty. He said that if we really want retention, we need quality instruction. He said that retention comes in the classroom. 

Next, Dr. Hicks started the discussion of the schedule.  He said that one thing we are trying to do right now is to make all the important decisions regarding the annual schedule for next year. At our last meeting, we were discussing Collaborate versus Compressed Video. After that meeting, Susan and Cindy approached Dr. Hicks about getting input from the faculty on this beyond the input that Bill Freeman and Cindy gave at the meeting last week. Dr. Hicks agreed that was a good idea. Two meetings with the faculty will be taking place this week for more input. At that same meeting with Susan and Cindy, they decided that they want student input on this too, especially those students who have taken Compressed Video. Dr. Hicks asked Will to talk with Cindy about setting up some students to run through a simulation of Collaborate. They will be doing that next week. Cindy said that one of the dynamics that will come into play is that some Compressed Video faculty will not want to teach with this new format but non-Compressed Video faculty will want to teach with it. Dr. Hicks said that he agrees with Cindy that there might be some non-Compressed Video faculty who will want to use this new system. Cindy said that Collaborate is available to use in every Blackboard course. It just takes a click of a button. Dr. Hicks said that in the President’s staff meeting, they were very excited about the Lecture Capture ability of Collaborate.
Dr. Hicks asked when the deans will be ready to present the full schedule. They agreed that March 8th would be a good date for everyone to take a first look at the annual schedule.

For the evaluation of Dual Enrollment and Adjunct Faculty agenda item, Dr. Hicks said that he, the President, John Poole, Joey Fronheiser, and Irene Wheeler went to the SACS orientation. He said that it was pointed out to him and Joey has said publicly, that we do not have complete evaluations for adjunct and Dual Enrollment faculty. Dr. Hicks said that he looked back in his notes from when the VCCS audited CVCC back in 2007. He said that CVCC came up with a plan to evaluate adjunct and Dual Enrollment faculty. He wanted reassurance from the deans that they are, in fact, doing these necessary evaluations. The deans said that, yes, they are doing the evaluations. Dr. Mickles said that they have changed to a different form since that audit, but they are doing the evaluations. Dr. Lemons said that he goes to some adjunct faculty classes and that he has evaluations for them as well. All three deans agreed and said that they do evaluations for the adjunct and Dual Enrollment faculty. Dr. Lemons said that he does not think Joey’s issue was that we did not have evaluations, but that the data has not been imputed, so he has no way to analyze their evaluations.

Dr. Hicks said that during lunch at the SACS orientation a SACS spokesperson said that every program will have to have a faculty as the program director. He mentioned that having a dean as a program director worked for SACS back in 2004. Dr. Lemons said that he remembers that all Associate programs have to have a full-time faculty program head, but those programs that are below an Associate degree can have an adjunct faculty program head.

Dr. Hicks said that Irene Wheeler is the CVCC compliance certification chair and he thinks the she should attend our meeting soon to discuss with everyone what is coming up.

Dr. Hicks closed the meeting.
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