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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
March 22, 2012


Dr. Hicks, Dr. Lemons, Dr. Laub, Dr. Mickles, Walter Krug, Linda Rodriguez, Mike Danos, Tom Sparhawk, Dr. Fronheiser, Mary Evans and Mike Fein

SACS Monitoring Report:

Dr. Fronheiser said the SACS Monitoring Report is due to SACS on April 16th. He said that we are still wrapping up some of the individual assessment programs. He said that he has written the reports, but he is just waiting on complete programs to describe what we have done. He said that he has met with most of the deans and they are a lot closer than he thought they were. They will be done with most, if not all, of their programs in some form by April 16th. The ones that are not completed will be finished by June. He said that they gave SACS a timeline two years ago saying that we would be done by June 2012.

Agenda Items:

Deans: Recommendation for SACS Academic Policy. 

The deans distributed their recommendations for the SACS Academic Policy regarding Program Heads and Course Evaluations. Dr. Mickles read over the handout. Dr. Mickles said that the deans need clarification as to whether both full-time and part-time faculty can serve as program heads. Dr. Fronheiser said that would be cleaner and it would be best if we can find some way to compensate the part-time faculty members who have to serve as program heads. Dr. Hicks asked if he would run this by Mark Smith to see if SACS would have an issue with part-time faculty as program heads. Dr. Fronheiser said that he would do that. Dr. Mickles said that the deans need clarification on whether every program needs a program head, such as certificates, diplomas, or career studies certificates. Joey said that it goes back to that term “awarded”, so yes. Walter suggested that the program head be a mentor for new faculty.  

Dr. Mickles stressed that every course will be evaluated, whether it is taught by a full-time or a part-time faculty member. Walter mentioned that there is a part-time faculty at the Appomattox Center that said that she has never been evaluated.

Dr. Hicks asked if both of these topics should move on to the Faculty Association for consideration. Tom said that they have a meeting next week and he will bring both of these topics up at that meeting. Dr. Hicks suggested that Dr. Fronheiser attend that meeting with Tom to present these topics to the faculty.

Dr. Hicks: Academic Excellence.  

Dr. Hicks passed around an email that he received from Julie Loving regarding Academic Excellence and asked everyone to read over it. She was asking why diploma and certificate receivers have to have a 4.0 to qualify since they are eligible to graduate with honors. She said that it seems they should be eligible with a 3.5 like the Associate plans. She thinks that those graduating with a career studies certificate would still be required to have a 4.0. Dr. Hicks said that he agrees with her thinking. Tom asked what proportion of graduates receives the award as it stands right now. He wants to know about the numbers regarding 3.5 or 4.0 GPAs. He said if 80% have a 3.5 or higher, it is kind of useless to have the award. Dr. Hicks said that he would ask Julie for the numbers. Dr. Hicks said that the next question Julie raised was should we include graduates from summer 2011, fall 2011, spring 2012 and summer 2012. She said that Dr. Capps is now allowing students who will be graduating during summer 2012 to walk in commencement. She was wondering if they should be included in Academic Excellence as well. Everyone in the meeting agreed that summer 2012 graduates should not be included in Academic Excellence because their GPAs will not be complete yet.

Non-agenda items:

Dr. Lemons just wanted to voice a request that he made to Lucy Carter Smith that the tornado drills be made aware to the deans and center directors in plenty of time to prepare so they do not interrupt academics, such as a test or exam. He said that having a drill during a test or exam would invalidate them and would disrupt the schedule. He said that he talked with Lucy about how important it is to not have tornado drills as a surprise so professors can prepare to incorporate them into class time. He said he did not know if this needed to be taken to the President’s staff or not, but he does know that it is an issue.

Dr. Lemons said that he, Leticia Forster, and John Poole talked about contracts. He said that he was concerned about summer contracts and whether or not they were going to have to do them or if HR would be doing them this year. He said that he was concerned about when HR will be taking over all of the contracts. Dr. Hicks said that he would ask if Leticia could join the meeting. He went and got Leticia to discuss this matter. She said that she is waiting on John Poole’s approval for the new HR analyst position. She said that once they get that person hired, HR will be in charge of all contracts. Dr. Lemons said that they will hold off on doing the summer contracts for a little while, but they do not mind doing them one more time if the new person is not hired in time.

Dr. Fronheiser said that the deadline had passed for the implementation of IOTA. He said that he forwarded it to the deans and their admin support. He said only about 24 faculty opted out of using IOTA. He said that in the next few weeks, the deans and off-site center directors will get more correspondence with a link about a webinar about how to improve response rates. Dr. Hicks asked if the paper and pencil test has been adjusted to have the same items as the online test. Dr. Fronheiser said that the tests are the exact same. Walter asked about how long it will take the students to take the test. He said that there are 16 questions, so he would imagine that it would take 10 minutes or less.

Dr. Fronheiser wanted to let everyone know when the strategic planning dates are. He said that they will be April 27th and May 4th. He said that he would be getting trained on the new software later that day. He said that emails to everyone will go out soon. Dr. Hicks asked when things will be due. Dr. Fronheiser said that everything will be due on April 20th.

Dr. Hicks asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
Handouts from meeting:
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