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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
June 14, 2012


Dr. Hicks, Dr. Lemons, Dr. Mickles, Dr. Laub, Judy Graves, Will Sandidge, Linda Rodriguez, Mike Danos, Dr. Fronheiser, Mary Evans, Tom Sparhawk, and Mike Fein

Agenda Items:

Dr. Fronheiser: Program Viability Study. 

Dr. Fronheiser gave everyone a handout with information regarding program viability. He said that the last page contains SCHEV’s suggested viability numbers for the different types of degrees and certificates. The programs highlighted in yellow are the ones that fall below the 3-year average graduate numbers and the suggested FTE numbers. He told the deans that they need to take a look and come up with a plan for them to close them, consolidate them, or improve them. He said that it would be nice to have all the deans submit all paperwork at the same time. He said that it will take about a year for the whole process. Dr. Lemons asked what the timeline is for the deans to submit the information to Dr. Fronheiser. He said that the timeframe would be a month.

Dr. Fronheiser: Procedures for program approval. 

Dr. Fronheiser said that he looked at what Virginia Western Community College does, but they have a different process and checklist for each program. He thinks that is too much. He gave all of the information and documentation from VWCC to the deans to take a look at and come up with our own procedures.

Non-agenda item: Dr. Fronheiser: QEP. 

The QEP topic selection committee has a general topic of Student Success. He said that the next phase is coming up with the QEP planning committee. Since it is a Student Success Center that involves all tutoring but will be heavy in Math and English and will also involve Counseling, he thinks it would be best to have representatives from the Math and English departments as well as Counseling. He asked the deans and Judy to be thinking about who they would like to nominate from their respective areas to be on the QEP planning committee. Judy said that Kimberly French is already on the QEP topic committee and she would like for her to just continue on to the QEP planning committee. Dr. Mickles said that they would need to know how many release time hours would be required for the faculty to be on the planning committee before they can determine who will serve on the committee.

Judy Graves: Last day to register or add a class. 

Judy said that at the last meeting the VCCS policy about the last day to add classes was brought up. The VCCS policy states that the last day to register or add a class may not be later than the census date; however, each college may establish an earlier date if desired. She said that she knows that this was brought up in relation to summer classes and it is left up to the college to establish an earlier date. She also wanted to let everyone know that the summer schedule for 2013 is already published and out on the website.

Non-agenda item: Judy Graves: Religion courses. 

Judy said that she and the counselors had a meeting over at Liberty University a couple of weeks ago. One of the issues she brought up was their acceptance of our religion course. She said that they have accepted it in the past but they no longer accept it. She said that one of the Liberty University staff members brought up the fact that their instructors even teach our religion course. She said that they came up with a solution for at least the time being and she wanted to see what the academic deans thought about it. She said that it is in reference to the religion courses only. Liberty University offers ICE exams which are basically CLEP courses for their religion classes. They usually charge their students and others $50 to take the ICE exam, but if they pass it they do not have to take the class and get credit for that class. Liberty’s idea is to wave the $50 fee for any of CVCC’s students who take it and if they pass it, the credits would transfer. If they do not pass the ICE exam, they will have to take the course. Liberty said that if they see a trend of students consistently passing the ICE exam, then they would put it on the path to eventually taking the credits directly and not requiring the ICE exam. Dr. Mickles said that she thinks it is a no-brainer and we should go for it.

Non-agenda item: Dr. Lemons: ADA Accommodations. Dr. Lemons said that he and Judy are already working on this, but they may have to take a look at it. He said that ADA students get an accommodations letter and it is sent to the faculty. He said that it is normally not a big issue, but the part of that accommodations letter to the faculty states that he/she is to set up a private meeting with the student to go over his/her accommodation needs. He said that this is fine for face-to-face classes and even web-based classes in the fall and spring because normally the faculty are here on campus. He said that the summertime is an issue. He said that he has a student that may file a grievance over this because the faculty member is not here because he is teaching the class from somewhere else. He said that he is going to try to set up a conference call with the student and professor, but there will not be a face-to-face meeting. He said that we may want to alter that wording in the accommodations letter to give other options for professors who are not physically on campus. Dr. Hicks said that Skype would allow for a face-to-face meeting. Judy said that most of the time it does not impact fall and spring, but it could if a faculty member is not on campus.

Non-agenda item: Will Sandidge: D-Day Memorial Partnership. Will said that the Bedford Center has entered into a partnership with the D-Day Memorial. He said that April Cheek-Messier (who is the Educational Director and also teaches History for CVCC) will deliver classes from the Bedford Center using WebX to museums and high schools to teach them more about D-Day. It is going to be advertised as a D-Day Memorial/CVCC Partnership. He said that it could go anyplace in the world, but she is going to start out in the state of Virginia and then eventually expand. He said that they are looking to start it this coming school year.

Non-agenda item: Dr. Lemons: Program Head Dilemma. Dr. Lemons said that he has a dilemma with program heads having to be a full-time faculty for SACS purposes. He said that he can easily do that with the exception of Pharmacy Technology. There has always been a part-time person that has been the program head for Pharmacy Technology and has been approved by the Board of Pharmacy. He said that there is no one in the BAH area who is academically qualified who is a full-time faculty member. Dr. Hicks said that SACS has asked when you have an odd situation that you write a justification and he thinks that is what Dr. Lemons will have to do in this situation.
Dr. Hicks asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
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