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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
June 28, 2012


Dr. Hicks, Dr. Lemons, Dr. Mickles, Dr. Laub, Judy Graves, Will Sandidge, Linda Rodriguez, Mike Danos, Susan Beasley, Mary Canfield, Dr. Fronheiser, Mary Evans, Tom Sparhawk, Mike Fein, and Debbie Marshall

Agenda Items:

Dr. Fronheiser/Debbie Marshall: Program Viability. 

Dr. Fronheiser gave everyone a handout with information regarding program viability of programs over the last three years. He said that the deans are already looking at them and coming up with a plan to close them, consolidate them, or improve them. He said that Debbie shared with him the Gainful Employment (GE) reporting programs. GE is a new Department of Education guideline about programs that are going to be eligible for financial aid based on a lot of various measurements. He said that they basically measure if the students are able to get jobs in their degree fields and pay back their student loans. If students are not able to pay back their student loans then those programs will not be eligible for any type of financial aid. He said that the programs listed in red font on the handout are the ones that are not cutting it and need to be looked into along with the programs that the deans are looking into for program viability. He said that the list is a public list and there are about 160 schools that are publicly out there as being in trouble already. Dr. Fronheiser asked the deans to make sure that all of the programs have the correct CIP codes in PeopleSoft.

Dr. Hicks asked if we are on warning for these programs listed in red. Dr. Fronheiser said no, we are on notice for these programs. He said that we have not had the federal loans long enough so we are just on notice to get these programs beefed up.
Dr. Lemons said that one of the problems is that many students are completing the program but not graduating. He said what they are doing in BAH is having students fill out the graduation application in the beginning in hopes to increase the graduation rate in programs like EMS. Judy said that if students just transfer and do not graduate, that is counted against us.

Debbie said that CVCC will now be a participant in the Gear Up scholarship program. She said that those students who started in the Gear Up program in high school and are Pell-eligible will get a match from the Gear Up scholarship of the Pell grant amount, up to $5,000.

David Lightfoot: Panopto (Lecture Capture software). 

David said that Panopto is a lecture capture software. He said that VWCC has been using Panopto for a couple of years. He said that there is a state contract now so we can purchase it if we want to. He said that he, Susan and Dr. Hicks went to VWCC recently and saw their Panopto interface. He said that they thought it looked like an interesting product. He said that there are other similar competing products, but Panopto seems to be the one that most VCCS colleges are leaning toward.

Dr. Hicks said that when they were at VWCC, the staff there was comparing Panopto to Collaborate. The VWCC staff said that they thought Panopto was heads and shoulders above Collaborate for the purpose of lecture capture. Dr. Hicks said that VWCC was very happy that they have it. He said that it started out at VWCC with a few faculty and then students started going to counselors asking which classes came with Panopto. He said that the students were the ones that wanted it and demanded it. Dr. Hicks said that this really got his attention.
Tom said that he records the audio of his classes and makes them available online as an MP3 download. He said that he asked the students whether they would want audio and video and about 90% said audio because they can play the recording while still having the ability to do other things. Whereas with video, the students said that they would be tied down to watching a video.

Dr. Hicks asked David if he knew how much Panopto would cost. He said that there is a problem that we need to look into and that is resourcing this software. He said that everyone keeps bringing up new software and services that they want but IT’s ability to provide a level of service that people deserve for all of the products and software services is diminished each time a new system is brought up. He said that IT cannot service more systems without more people. He said that for example, if we are going to put audio and visual equipment in every classroom they are going to need more manpower because right now he only has one part-time audio/visual person on staff. He said that he would love to make Thomas full-time. David said that we have to not only look at the capital cost of Panopto, but also the costs of being able to support it over time.

Dr. Hicks asked if it would be possible to get a demonstration of Panopto here on CVCC’s campus. David said that would be no problem. Susan said that she thought having the demonstration during Convocation would be a good idea. Dr. Hicks asked David and Susan to set up the demonstration for faculty to view Panopto to see if they think it is worth it or not. He said if the faculty think that it is worth it, he thinks we need to get the resources to support it.

David said that capital costs are not that big of a deal. He said that the main concern is personnel support costs. He said that VWCC’s IT department has a staff of 24 and CVCC only has 9. Dr. Hicks said if you look at VWCC, they started out small and, because of demand, grew bigger over time, adding on whatever additional staff and facility-supported classrooms as that demand increased. David said that historically, that has never happened here. He said that more and more is added, but more people are not added. He said that they have added a lot of applications and the staff has not increased. He said that he has no reason to believe that a staff increase will happen.

Dr. Hicks asked David and Susan to come up with how much this will cost and report back on it.
Susan asked Tom what he thought. He said that he thought it would be a good idea to bring this up to the faculty and see what they think. He said that he wants to know from the faculty if they think it would be most beneficial to have video and audio lecture capture or just audio. Tom said another issue is automation. He said that a lot of faculty do not adopt new technology because of all of the hoops they have to jump through to get it to work.

Dr. Lemons said that the first thing that needs to be done is to beef up IT staff before we throw anything else at them to support.
David suggested that he and Susan come up with a description of Panopto and the reasons it would be helpful to faculty and show that to the faculty. He said that they could ask the faculty if they would be interested in it, as long as the funds can be found to purchase and support it. He said that there is no reason to look into the costs of Panopto if the faculty are not going to be interested in it at all. He said that if the faculty are interested, then he and Susan can look into how much it will cost and what personnel resources will be needed. Dr. Hicks said that he thinks if we are going in that direction, it makes sense to have a demonstration for the faculty to see it in action. He asked Susan to arrange a demonstration of Panopto for the fall.

Dr. Hicks: Employee Handbook Entries.

Dr. Hicks said that the old faculty/staff manual is out of date and the President has mandated that it be revised. Irene Wheeler is coordinating the revision. Dr. Hicks said that the parts of the handbook that he was assigned have to do with academic and student services support. He said that he delegated to experts in the different areas to write up policies in those areas to be included in the new employee handbook. He said that before he moves forward with those policies, he wanted to get feedback from the group. He handed out the various policies from each area for everyone to look over. Various changes and suggestions were made that Dr. Hicks took note of to take back to the Handbook Committee for its consideration. 

Dr. Hicks asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.

Handout from this meeting:
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