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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
August 2, 2012


Will Sandidge, Dr. Lemons, Dr. Mickles, Dr. Laub, Judy Graves, Walter Krug, Linda Rodriguez, Mike Danos, Susan Beasley, Linda Daye, Dr. Fronheiser, and Mike Fein

Agenda Items:

Dr. Fronheiser: SACS. 

Dr. Fronheiser first started out talking about Compliance Assist. He said that it is online software that will help us organize our assessment process. He said that we are going to input spring 2012 data for every program, every award and the steps in the process. He said that Dr. Capps wants this done before Convocation. Because of this, he said that he is going to hire an emergency hire admin support. He said that what he needs from the Deans by Monday are copies of what they want put into Compliance Assist to be the working copies for spring 2012 for the 2011-2012 assessment cycle.

Dr. Fronheiser mentioned Distance Education. He said that he will need to work with Susan and the Deans so that we have something to tell SACS about Distance Ed. He said that we need to make a comparison of online versus seated. He said that we would need to compare with the faculty who teach the same course in both venues. Judy said that she needs that information as well for one of the SACS standards that she is working on.

Will said that something else along that same line that pertains to the Deans is that he thinks we need to think about having professors who teach the same class use the same textbook. He asked the Deans to work with the faculty to work toward this goal. The Deans said that they have been working toward that and they only have one or two faculty where that is not the case. Dr. Laub said that he would also suggest that they emphasize to faculty that when they have a book listed for a course, the faculty need to make use of it whether they like it or not.
Dr. Fronheiser said that the QEP topic selection is over. He said that the topic is the Student Success Center and the two co-chairs are Lana Velez and Rebecca Honeycutt. He said that the next step will be determining release time and he will meet with whomever to discuss release time. He said we need to get going because we are behind. Will said that there is a meeting today at 10:30am that is one of the issues they will be talking about.

Dr. Fronheiser said that the Compliance Certification is moving along and going just fine.

Dr. Fronheiser said that something that we need to do is create and maintain a student complaint log. He said that this is a change in SACS policy. He said that this is separate from a grievance. Anytime a student complains or has a problem with anything on campus, we need to track it and what the resolution was. SACS wants us to show that we are keeping track of the complaints and what we are doing with them. He said that it is new and has to start this year. He said that a decision needs to be made about the policy of this new initiative. He said that a common template needs to be made for everyone to keep the same kind of record. Will said that he will work with the appropriate people to come up with the spreadsheet. Dr. Fronheiser said that he wondered if IT could create something online that would be secure for faculty and staff to be able to log-in and add complaints that way. He said that the purpose is continuous improvement and patterns will be looked for.

Will Sandidge: Convocation Schedule. 

Will said that there is a meeting this afternoon and hopefully have the Convocation Schedule finalized by tomorrow. He said that he will be sending out an email to everyone with the agenda. He said that when it comes out, we all need to be very positive. He said that it is not going to be perfect because there is always room for improvement.

Judy Graves: SACS.

Judy said that she needs the Deans to respond to a standard that she is working on, 3.4.6. She said that she needs it back by end-of-day tomorrow.

Will Sandidge:

Adjunct Faculty Orientation. 
Will said that the Adjunct Faculty Orientation will be Thursday, August 16th at 5:30pm in room 3206.
Judy Graves: Financial Aid. Judy said that CVCC is one of the 7 pilot colleges involved in the re-engineering initiative by the Chancellor. She said that there is a problem with back-office operations at TCC and it is causing a lot of problems for our students. She said that we are down in enrollment by 13% and we are down in financial aid awards by 13% and Dr. Capps thinks that the two are correlated. Judy said that what they have discovered is when a student is awarded financial aid, they have missing information. She said that the Federal Government requires about 40% of all students who apply for financial aid to be selected for verification so they have to provide documentation. She said that they found out that the people at Tidewater sent one email to those students telling them that they are missing information. She said that they did not do any follow-up and we do not even know who those students are. She said that Dr. Capps has requested that we have access to the query so we can find out who those students are and contact them ourselves. Judy said that her fear is that it is too little, too late. She said that all of the colleges are down in financial aid awards. Judy said that there are about 1400 students that this affects and we are going to have to call each student individually to let them know the situation.

Judy Graves: HB 1184. 

Judy said that she is part of a workgroup that is working on this bill, HB 1184. She gave everyone a handout of the last page of the bill so that everyone can see what we have to develop. She said that it is a requirement of the community colleges to have an agreement with all public high schools so the students can get a postsecondary degree or certificate. She said that this is a pathway for every high school student who wishes and is qualified to be able to get an Associate degree or General Studies Certificate by the time they graduate from high school. Judy also mentioned that if we are able to offer the entire Associate degree or the certificate at the high school, it will require a substantive change to SACS. She said that she has already talked to Joey about it, but she does not see how the students will be able to do it all at the high school.

Dr. Mickles: Smarthinking. 

Dr. Mickles said that we will be implementing Smarthinking this fall, which is live, online, on-demand tutoring. She said that we have purchased 500 hours of tutoring. She said that Dr. Neely from Smarthinking said that if we do not promote it, we will not use up all of our hours and it will not be worth it. He said that we need to make sure that it is included in our Orientation classes, on Blackboard and that faculty buy-in is huge for its success. She said that there will be a big campaign to promote awareness on campus and market this service to our students because the 500 hours that we purchased are use or lose. Will said that he is going to get Evan to provide him with pass rates on all English and Math classes from last fall and compare them to this fall to quantify whether this is successful or not. He wanted to emphasize that he will not be looking at specific professors, but all of the classes will be lumped together to get comparative data.

Mike Fein: ID cards. 

Mike said that the ID cards system is down. He said that they are getting a new system and hope to have it installed by the 16th. However, he does not think it will be up and running until the 25th because of they will need to test it to make sure it works correctly first. Will asked Mike to put together the policy to send out to everyone.

Will asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting. 
Handout from this meeting:
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