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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
August 30, 2012


Will Sandidge, Dr. Lemons, Dr. Mickles, Dr. Laub, Judy Graves, Walter Krug, Linda Rodriguez, Mike Danos, Susan Beasley, Linda Daye, Dr. Dorman, and Mike Fein

Agenda Items:

Dr. Dorman: Faculty Evaluation policy. 

Dr. Dorman said that as part of the Reengineering taskforce, the Faculty Evaluation policy has come down from a workgroup. He said that we have this year to come up with our version of it. He said that the basic architecture is already in place: first year faculty will be evaluated both fall and spring semesters, second and third year faculty will be evaluated once a year and multi-year contract faculty will be evaluated in the final year of their contract. Dr. Dorman said that there are only two possible outcomes of these evaluations – either meets expectations or does not meet expectations. Faculty in the first year or second year who gets a “does not meet expectations” evaluation will not be rehired. Dr. Dorman said that the whole purpose of this is to let veteran faculty do what they do best and weed out those who are not competent. The focus for experienced faculty members is on professional development. All faculty members, in consultation with their dean, will submit annual professional development goals to their dean. He said that the deans will be receiving training on this sometime in the future.

Dr. Dorman said that there will be four basic areas of evaluation – teaching, scholarly and creative engagements, institutional responsibility, and service. He said that the big part is rewards and recognition. The reward portion is separate from the state salary and will be some kind of merit pay. There will need to be some funding for this and that is up to CVCC to come up with. He clarified for Linda Rodriguez that this is only for full-time faculty. He said that nothing has come across the radar yet for adjunct faculty and that it may be left up to each individual college. He said that the policy will go live in the fall of 2013.

Judy Graves: 2nd 8-week classes.

Judy said that there are a number of students who did not get awarded financial aid before the start of classes, since financial aid is not awarded here anymore, who are now getting awarded. They are encouraging those students to enroll in 2nd 8-week classes. Judy said that it might be nice to add a few more general education classes for these students to enroll in. Judy said that financial aid will pay the tuition for new enrollments, but will not pay for books or students who are adding more classes for the 2nd 8-weeks. Will asked the Deans to get together to discuss what classes to offer and then get with Judy by next Friday to advertise those classes.
Susan Beasley: Use of scanning from off-campus centers. Susan wanted to know if the off-site centers could scan and email paper documents such as quizzes, etc. to the faculty instead of faxing to Distance Education. Susan said that she is aware that the Bedford Center is the only one that does not have that ability.

Mike Danos: Adding addendums to the adjunct contracts. 

Mike passed around his addendum proposal. He looked at a lot of other colleges to see what their adjunct contracts looked like. He said that he just thinks that adjunct faculty members need a guide for what they should be doing because the actual contract does not cover everything. Will asked the Deans to review this and give feedback to HR for their review.
Will Sandidge: Complaint Log. Will asked everyone if they approve of the Complaint Log that Dr. Lemons created. Everyone agreed that it looks good. Will said that he was asked what a complaint is. He said that each person will have to use their own discretion. Everyone will be required to use it. Will said that he will take it to the President’s staff meeting for approval and then will send out an everyone email for every department to use it.

Non-Agenda Item: 

Books. The issue of books came up at the President’s staff meeting. He said that he has asked the Deans to prepare of list of classes that did not have books in the beginning. He said that John Poole has been tasked with tackling this issue.

Will Sandidge: Program Viability/Curriculum Advisory Committee Meetings in preparation for SACS. 

Will said that the Deans need to have their Curriculum Program Committee Meetings throughout September. He said that then we will have the CVCC Curriculum Committee Meeting in early October. After that, the changes will go to SACS for approval before it goes to our local board for approval.

Will Sandidge: Exam Schedule. 

Will said that questions came up regarding the changes in the final exam schedule. He said that he talked to Judy about it because there are some problems with the new exam schedule. Judy said that some faculty complained in the past about having their final exams on Fridays every semester. They requested that it be switched every other year to alleviate that. The problems are with the night classes. Some classes that just meet on Wednesday nights now have their exams on Friday night. The Deans said that some students have other responsibilities, have planned out their schedule and are counting on having the exam on the same night that the class has always met on. Dr. Lemons said that it is also a problem with adjunct faculty who work other jobs. They have been hired to work on a certain night and might have to work their full-time job on the other day that the final exam is scheduled on. Will said that the exam schedule will be looked over.
Will Sandidge: How long faculty maintain graded materials. Will asked how long a student has to appeal a grade. Judy said that they have a year to appeal. Judy said that she thinks there is a VCCS policy that states that faculty have to maintain grade books for 3 years. See Library of Virginia Records Retention and Disposition Schedule policy below or locate it here:

Will asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
 Handout from this meeting:
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