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Vice President’s S​taff Meeting Minutes
October 11, 2012
Will Sandidge, Dr. Lemons, Dr. Mickles, Dr. Laub, Walter Krug, Linda Rodriguez, Mike Danos, Susan Beasley, Linda Daye, Mary Evans, Dr. Dorman, Dr. Fronheiser, and Debbie Marshall
Agenda Items:
Dr. Fronheiser: SACS Update. 

Dr. Fronheiser said that he first wanted to talk about the reason that we are on probation, which is because of CS – Evaluation of educational programs. He said that we have vetted our process with Dr. Mark Smith (VP of SACS/our SACS liaison) and a consultant that we are starting to work with now. Both have said that our process looks good. Dr. Fronheiser said that we have a lot of work to do, but the process is working, faculty members and program coordinators are engaged with it and that is good news.
He said that he and Kris have been meeting with all of the SACS program coordinators. He said that what is due right now are the program goals, the student learning outcomes, target goals, measurements and curriculum maps. He said that all of the faculty are in different stages, but they are meeting with them and giving them feedback about how to improve.
Dr. Fronheiser plans to have a first draft of a narrative done by December that will be on our story. It will be about our process and what we have been doing to institutionalize it. He said that he wants to have the first draft done by then but the final draft is not due until March.
He said that another new standard is service. We will need to start measuring and documenting our community service as a college.
Dr. Fronheiser said that since we are on probation, we cannot have any substantive changes. If a new program is being created and requires a substantive change, it will have to wait until after we get through probation.
Debbie Marshall: Financial Aid Fraud.

Debbie passed out some documents to everyone. She said that about a week ago, we were notified by the Office of the Inspector General in Washington and by Joan Sanders (who is the liaison for the federal government and Financial Aid Director at NVCC) about our school, New River and NVCC having students that appear to be fraudulent students. Debbie said that they are on it and it is not going to affect CVCC. She asked the Deans to let their faculty know that they need to check their email to see if any of the fraudulent students are in their classes. If they did receive an email, they will need to drop those students from their classes.
Will Sandidge: Spring schedule. 

Will asked everyone if we are squared away with the spring schedule. They said that they are working on it. Will asked the Off-site Center Directors to get with the Deans today to wrap it up because spring registration begins November 2nd. The Deans raised some concerns about insufficient marketing for 2nd 8-week classes. Will wanted to make note that Judy will need to work on a system for better marketing of 2nd 8-week classes.
Will Sandidge: Pre-requisites. 

Will gave a handout to everyone regarding pre-requisites. He said that this topic came up in a previous meeting. Someone said that they put in pre-requisites but they never showed up in PeopleSoft. Evan ran a query to show what pre-requisites are currently in PeopleSoft. Will said that the faculty need to work with the Deans to make sure that the correct pre-requisites are in PeopleSoft.
Will Sandidge: Scanton. 

Will said that he got an email from Ruth and they are asking if they can move the Scantron machines out of the room that they are currently in because they want to use it for the expansion of Workforce. Dr. Lemons suggested putting the new Scantron machine in the BAH computer lab. Will told Dr. Lemons to go take a look at it to make sure it will fit and how it will impact the lab. He said that if it can fit, it would be wonderful to have it in the BAH lab.
Will Sandidge: Smarthinking.

Will said that we had 51 people attend the Smarthinking sessions and it is off to a good start. He said that he thinks it is critical for the English and Math faculty to get on board.
Will asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
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