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Vice President’s Staff Me​eting Minutes
October 25, 2012
Will Sandidge, Dr. Lemons, Mary Canfield, Dr. Laub, Judy Graves, Walter Krug, Linda Rodriguez, Mike Danos, Susan Beasley, Linda Adams, Mary Evans, Kathy Kidd, Mike Fein, and Evan Abatecola
Agenda Items:
Linda Adams: Faculty Involvement/Promotion of Student Activities. 

Linda said that she just wanted to bring awareness to student activities/student life. She said that she would like the Deans to strongly encourage their faculty to give extra credit and/or encourage their students to attend the educational components of student activities. She also mentioned that in the future Student Life/Activities is going to be held accountable for the money that they spend. A percentage of their dollars have to be in educational form. Linda also said that SACS will be requiring learning outcomes from student activities and they will want to know what students are learning from these presentations and other various activities. Will suggested that Linda make this same pitch to the Faculty Association so that they are aware of her concerns.
Dr. Laub/Evan Abatecola: Prerequisite Testing.

Dr. Laub said that they have a lot of students who will enroll in classes for the second semester because they are enrolled in the first part of the sequence in the fall. He said that sometimes they are enrolled, but then they fail to meet the prerequisite in the first semester. He said that it is difficult to recognize these students unless they do a background check to see if they are in fact registered without the prerequisite. He said that sometimes Evan will run a report, but there are no set policies or procedures in place for this situation. First off, Evan passed around the list of prerequisites that are currently in the system. Evan said that there is some functionality in the current version of PeopleSoft that can allow for some post-enrollment checking. He said that it will require some set-up and testing and he is not sure when it will be ready to use, but it is available. From what he understands, it will generate a report and then the second step will actually drop the students who did not meet the prerequisites. He said that we might want to start with just using the report and manually dropping the students. Will asked that both Evan and Donna Hobbs are made aware of any new prerequisites that are added so they can be added to PeopleSoft and the online catalog. He said that the best thing would be for the Deans to submit any additions/changes to Evan and carbon copy Donna in the email.
Will Sandidge: Spring schedule. 

Will asked if the spring schedule is finalized. The Deans said that they all of the classes are in, but they are still working on getting instructors. Will asked the Deans to look at classes that were added at the last minute to see if any of them made. He said that most classes that are added last minute do not make. He said that the Deans should front-load the 2nd 8-weeks and add classes early on that they think are needed. Will also mentioned that he met with Dr. Capps concerning the spring semester. He said that Dr. Capps is concerned about FTE’s being down and our efficiency and effectiveness. Dr. Lemons said that he came up with a proposal a while back that would give full-time faculty the opportunity to teach a class pro-rated instead of having to cancel it. He asked Will if he should bring that proposal back up for consideration. Will said yes, to present it at the next VP Staff Meeting for everyone to look over and discuss.
Will asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
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