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Vice President​’s Staff Meeting Minutes
November 15, 2012
Will Sandidge, Dr. Lemons, Dr. Mickles, Dr. Laub, Judy Graves, Walter Krug, Linda Rodriguez, Mike Danos, Susan Beasley, Mary Evans, Mike Fein, Irene Wheeler, Leticia Forster, Loretta Marshall, and David Lightfoot
Agenda Items:
Leticia Forster: Hiring Process. 

Leticia said that she just had a few things that she needed to go over with everyone. The first thing is that she wanted to confirm that everyone got the email regarding the HR restructure with the defined roles. They said yes. She said that everyone should direct their questions to the appropriate person.
Will said that he just talked to Dr. Capps and as of now, we are not doing any new hiring until they have reviewed the budget. He said that we are down over 8% FTE’s, which will impact on the budget.
Dr. Mickles wanted to go on the record that HSS is in dire need of another administrative assistant. She would like for her P14 to be made into a full-time position and that position be filled as soon as possible. She said that they just cannot keep up with everything and it is only going to get worse with the influx of students coming in for the Lynchburg City Schools Early College.
Will asked the Deans to look one more time at 2nd 8-week classes and put them in now instead of waiting until the last minute to add them. The classes have a better chance at making it earlier on than they do when they are added late.
Leticia also wanted to remind everyone that we will be closed at noon next Wednesday through Friday for Thanksgiving. She also said that we will be closed as of Friday, December 21st for the Christmas break.
Leticia also wanted to confirm that the Deans received the email regarding Employee Work Profiles for full-time faculty. She said that she is pushing that because it is a SACS requirement. She said that they are setting up files for everyone so that they will have it on record.
David Lightfoot: iPads.

David said that they got iPads a while ago. They have 10 available and he wanted to know from the group how these iPads should be used. They were thinking that they could be used for instructors as a pilot program. They can be checked out as a set for a class to use or individually for the faculty to use them as needed. Dr. Mickles said that she liked the idea of doing the pilot program. She said that each faculty would have to submit a proposal to use them and would have to submit their feedback on how they were used, how they improved their teaching, etc. Irene said that she would like to see them kept as a set instead of individually used in classes. She said that she could see faculty checking out the set to use for a class project. Will said that David should get with David McGee and get some input from the Faculty Association. Irene mentioned that the next Faculty Association meeting is not for quite some time. She said that she thinks it would be best if an email is sent out to all faculty to get their feedback regarding the use of these iPads. Walter said that he thinks some training needs to be offered so that faculty can get familiar with them and they will be more apt to use them. Will said that he thinks this should be a Convocation training session. He asked David to work with Jim Bell on creating the training session.
Susan Beasley: Report on Collaborate courses. 

Susan said that they did a mid-semester survey of students in Collaborate classes. She passed around the results to everyone to look over. She said that she wanted it to just focus on the technology and nothing that would be included in a course evaluation. Susan said that the averages were mostly close to the “strongly agree”. There were a significant number of students who commented that they missed the classroom interaction and want faculty to be more interactive so the sessions are less passive. She also included some comments that the students left. She said that she also asked the faculty to see how it was going from their perspective. More than half of the faculty said that they miss student interaction and being face-to-face with them.
Will said that two things stick out that need to be discussed – allowing students to take the courses from home and allowing the faculty the option to teach in a face-to-face class with Collaborate as well. Dr. Lemons said that he thinks there will be more receptivity if the faculty are given the option to teach in a classroom with face-to-face students.
Irene suggested that Muriel get with Susan to create something like an EDU 295, 1 credit class to teach faculty best practices and how to provide interactivity with the Collaborate classes. Will said that is a great idea, but since there are so many adjunct that teach Collaborate, daytime and nighttime options need to be offered. Will said that it should take place after the semester has started and everyone is getting settled. He suggested they hold it around the 3rd week of classes.
Will Sandidge: Moving of Scantron machines. 

Will said that Ruth Hendrick has asked us to move our Scantron machines because they need the space to expand Workforce Solutions. He said that the new machine will be moved to the BAH lab on January 2, 2013. The old machine is on its last leg and will be phased out. Until it completely dies, Will said that it will be moved to the SME division.
Will asked Irene to update about the Faculty/Staff Handbook and Compliance Certification.  Irene said that there are about 20 more pages to proofread in the Handbook. She said that it is being added into an online component. She said that it will be searchable and there is not a plan to have a print copy of it. Everyone will have access to it through Communication Central. She said that she would like to be able to release it at Convocation.
Irene said that in terms of the Compliance Certification, there are 80+ requirements that we have to write a narrative on. She said that we are right at a 1/3 of the way complete with those requirements. She said that the problem with Compliance Certification is it that it is a moving target. Everything that everyone is writing for it is going to have to be re-written because they are writing it based on 2011-2012 and when they actually submit it, it will be based on 2012-2013. The goal is to do four of the requirements per week and they should have it totally written by May with the exception of a couple of things. Then from May to March, they will go through it with a fine-tooth comb and make the necessary changes. She said that right now we are on target to do that.
Dr. Lemons mentioned that in Will’s absence he presented the Professional Development proposal to the President’s Staff and it was approved. He said that they are using the same forms as last year for the time being. He said that everyone will be entitled to  around $500. He said that there will be a reallocation of that money and will be done by the Professional Development committee this time and there will be a separate form to request any additional money from that reallocation. The Professional Development committee will be coming up with very defined criteria for the reallocation and will be based on how it will benefit the college.
The next meeting will be November 29, 2012 at 9am. Will asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
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