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Vice ​President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
January 10, 2013
Will Sandidge, Dr. Lemons, Dr. Mickles, Cindy Wallin, Judy Graves, Walter Krug, Linda Rodriguez, Mike Danos, Pat Gatti, Susan Beasley, and Mike Fein
Agenda Items:
Judy Graves: Late Registration. 

Judy said that late registration for 16-week classes is going on now and will end on Friday. She asked that everyone emphasize to the faculty that if a student wants to get into their class, it will be too late after Friday. She said that a couple of community colleges advertise regular registration through the Saturday before classes start and they say that “late registration” begins on the 1st day that classes start. She said that it is only a change in terminology, not in the process. She said that in those colleges, it has impacted the amount of students that come in late requesting to get into classes. Will and Dr. Mickles both said that they think changing the terminology would be a good idea.
Cindy Wallin: Collaborate sections as “combined sections”.

Cindy said that for collaborate sessions in the math department, they have seen an increase in students from various off-site centers requesting more seats for some of the classes and it is a juggling game. Cindy said that there is the ability within PeopleSoft to put classes in combined sections so the enrollment numbers are capped at the same amount so they do not have to juggle student seats such as moving one seat from the main campus to Bedford Center. She also said that with the student’s ability to take the classes from home now, this might not be an issue in the future. She said that we could wait a few weeks to see what the students are doing and then make a decision.
Walter Krug: HB 1184 – Scheduling and Class Implications for 2013-14.

Walter said that as we are starting to think about scheduling for next year, he wanted to know if there were any updates on HB 1184 in terms of the school systems and what their plans are. Will said that there are not any updates as of yet. He said that they have meetings scheduled with Bedford next week and they are setting up meetings with the other school systems. He said that what they are looking at is using the Early College program as the option for the Associate degree and they will have to work with each school district on the General Education Certificate option. He said that everything has to be turned into Richmond by April 15th and they will keep everyone informed of what decisions are made by the school systems.
Will Sandidge: Notification of students when cancelling classes.

Will passed around a handout of an email that he sent to everyone regarding cancelling a class. He said that he does not want just a sign put up that the class has been cancelled. He wants the professor to meet with those students with their advisement transcript and get them into another class to keep them as students. Will said that we should be doing this not only here at the main campus, but at the off-site centers as well. Will also stated that we need to watch and maybe change the terminology when a class is just cancelled for one session. He said that sometimes when a faculty member is sick, the divisions will put a note on the door saying that the class is cancelled and if it is early in the semester students might think that the class is cancelled for good, not just for one session. Judy said that if a class is just cancelled for one night and it is the first week, someone needs to be there to take attendance for the class rosters. Will asked Judy to send him an email that he could send to all faculty to remind them about this issue.
Will asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
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