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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
February 7, 2013

Will Sandidge, Jim Lemons, Muriel Mickles, Jeffrey Laub, Tammy Johnson, Walter Krug, Linda Rodriguez, Mike Danos, Pat Gatti, Susan Beasley, Debbie Marshall, Linda Daye, Leticia Forster, and Peter Dorman

Agenda Items:

Leticia Forster: Affordable Healthcare Act. Leticia said that the Affordable Healthcare Act will be a federal law that will go into effect next year. The Department of Human Resources Management has done with all state agencies has said that effective now all part-time wage employees must be limited to 29 hours per week. She said that the federal government will create a look-back period that will be the year prior, which Dr. Capps says will actually go back to January 1st. Leticia said that the critical part in all of this is checking the timesheets. The supervisors and managers who are approving part-time employee timesheets must check them before approving them. Her recommendation is to monitor the scheduling of part-time employees.

Linda Rodriguez: Recruitment and Announcements for Adjunct Faculty for Fall 2013. Linda said that they are working on the fall 2013 schedule right now and they are having difficulty finding instructors for certain classes. She asked if there was any way that some recruitment could be done college-wide for more adjunct instructors. Leticia said that they can put out a basic advertising list for adjunct faculty like they did last year. Linda said that she wants it done soon because they are developing the fall schedule. The Deans will get a list of adjunct faculty needs to Leticia after the schedule is developed for her to advertise for.

Debbie Marshall: Federal and State Expectations. Will said that we are having a problem with class rosters and we need to tighten up, so he brought Debbie in to talk about that and other issues involving financial aid. Debbie gave everyone a handout of a presentation that she made to go over everything. Will said that one thing faculty need to start doing is taking roll and calling out each student’s name to make sure whether or not they are in attendance. He said that some faculty actually make the students sign next to their name to show their attendance. Peter suggested taking this before the faculty association to tell faculty about this new initiative. Will said he will email David McGee to make it an agenda item for the next faculty association meeting. Will asked if it made sense to everyone to come up with a policy that will make it mandatory for faculty to take attendance.

Upon looking over Debbie’s handout, Will said that we need to discuss what the definition of withdrawal means, we need a definition on what add means, as well as what registering means to make everything real clear to everyone.  

Will Sandidge: Fall 2013/Spring 2014 Schedule. Will said that everyone needs to make sure that they follow the dates outlined in the schedule timeline and have everything ready on time. He said that he thinks the secret to good enrollment numbers is a good schedule.

Will Sandidge: 12-week classes. Will said that a lot of other VCCS schools are putting in 12-weeks classes to help with those students who come in to register late. He wanted to know if it makes sense to look into it for CVCC to offer 12-weeks classes. He asked Debbie how it would impact financial aid. Debbie said that it would involve adding in a whole new module with a new enrollment period, new drop date, new cut-off date and students on financial aid would not get their books paid for. Will said that he was wondering if we could just run a pilot with some of the basic classes as 12-week classes. Jim suggested doing 16-weeks, 1st 8-weeks and 12-weeks classes and get rid of the 2nd 8-weeks classes. Will said that he is just trying to come up with new ways to increase our enrollment numbers. Linda Daye said that 12-weeks online classes might work because some people will want to work faster at their own pace than a 16-weeks class would allow for. Walter said that looking at the schedule there are more courses in the 2nd 8-weeks than in the 1st 8-weeks. He suggested eliminating the 1st 8-weeks classes and having 16-weeks, 12-weeks and 2nd 8-weeks classes.

Will Sandidge: Bookstore Issues. Will said that Cassondra from the bookstore asked him if there were any major problems with the bookstore this semester. Will asked the deans if they had any issues and they said that they did not have any problems.

Will Sandidge: Budget. Will asked everyone to look at their budget to see what money they can use before March 15th, when it will be swept up.

Will Sandidge: Smarthinking. Will just wanted to let everyone know that 344 more hours have been ordered for Smarthinking. He said that should take us through this semester.

Will Sandidge: Classroom Management. Will asked if we should try to come up with a seminar or webinar on classroom management. Everyone said that it was a good idea. Muriel said that she likes the idea of having it at convocation as an opportunity for faculty. Peter said that he likes the idea of having it as professional development. Walter said that the deans could require it as part of their evaluation.

Will Sandidge: Exam Schedule. Will said that the change in the exam schedule this year (having Friday night exams and none on Wednesday night, for example) has been a big issue. He asked Tammy to have Judy lead this initiative. He said that she should get with David McGee to get faculty input and also get the deans’ input. Then she will be able to work on developing a better exam schedule and should be able to come up with what the exam schedule will look like for the fall.

Will asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
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