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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
March 7, 2013

Will Sandidge, Jim Lemons, Jeffrey Laub, Judy Graves, Walter Krug, Linda Rodriguez, Mike Danos, Pat Gatti, Susan Beasley, Liz Boothe, Linda Daye, Connie Deacon, Mary Canfield, and Peter Dorman

Agenda Items:

Will Sandidge: Affordable Healthcare Act. 

Will said that he just wanted to emphasize again that part-time employees cannot go over 29 hours per week. He said that he thinks that every area of the college has had a problem this first couple of weeks. He said that we just have to let the part-time people know that they just cannot go over 29 hours per week.

Will Sandidge: Budget.

Will said that everyone needs to make sure that they either spend or obligate their budget money if they require something before it is swept up.

Susan Beasley: Collaborate. 

Will said that since the schedule is being put together, he asked Susan to come to talk about Collaborate. Susan said that Connie prepared some numbers and she reviewed them with everyone. 203 students attended 13 Collaborate classes in fall 2012 and 201 students in 11 classes in spring 2013. The percentage of students attending Collaborate sessions from elsewhere (other than on a CVCC campus) was 7% in fall 2012 and 20% in spring 2013. Connie also read a suggested new footnote for Collaborate classes, but Peter said that they should just leave it like it is to let the professor and student decide when it would be best for the student to connect to the class from a non-CVCC location. Will asked that an analysis be done this fall for retention in Collaborate classes versus online classes.
Jim suggested incorporating Collaborate training in with the Blackboard training that is already being done in SDV 100 classes so students are prepared if they choose to take a Collaborate class. Judy said that the SDV 100 schedule is already tight, but if they could fit it in with the Blackboard training it should be no problem.

Will Sandidge: Schedule - Fall 2013.

Will just wanted to confirm that the Deans are meeting with the off-site center directors to work on the fall schedule. They confirmed that they are meeting to discuss the schedule.

Non-agenda Items:

Will Sandidge: House Bill 1184.

Will said that he, Judy and Muriel have been to every school district and they each have signed on to what CVCC proposed. The Associate degree option will be just like we have now for Early College. The other option is the General Education Certificate which will be exactly like we have it in the catalog.

Judy Graves: Early Alert System.

Judy said that the VCCS has purchased an Early Alert System (Starfish). Kevin Riley is our liaison and CVCC needs to create a taskforce. She will need one faculty member from each division. She asked the Deans to appoint a faculty member from their division to this taskforce.

Will asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
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