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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
March 21, 2013


Will Sandidge, Jim Lemons, Muriel Mickles, Jeffrey Laub, Tammy Johnson, Walter Krug, Linda Rodriguez, Mike Danos, Pat Gatti, Susan Beasley, Mike Fein, Linda Daye, Kevin Riley, Mary Evans, Peter Dorman, and Joey Fronheiser

Agenda Items:

Joey Fronheiser: Assessment. 

Joey gave an update on assessments and what is going on in his office. He said that they are hosting two information sessions regarding the SACS visit – March 27th 3-4pm and April 4th 1-2pm. SACS is coming for their visit April 9-11th.
Next, Joey said that the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) only really affects the on-campus classes. CCSSE has asked that CVCC provide a list of all of the courses that are offered on-campus (seated) and they randomly chose 80 classes that we are supposed to assess. Professors will be getting an email regarding this process to help them get through these assessments. Faculty will have approximately one month to do the assessments.

Joey said that Oral Communication Assessment is the VCCS Core Competency assessment this year. He said that from March 25th – April 5th Rick Tyler is going to assess students in his CST 100 class and the Campbell County Early College class as well. 25 assessments are necessary, but Joey said that we will be doing a few more than 25.
Regarding the Writing Assessment, Joey said that Gary and Peter will be assessing students’ writing. There will be a random sample of ENG 112 courses and this will be done college-wide. He said that they are still planning this, so he does not have definite dates yet.
Joey said that the ETS Academic Profile and New Graduate Assessments will be administered April 15-19th.
Course evaluations will go out near the end of the semester, most likely April 15-29th.
Educational Program Assessments AY 2012-2013 will be confirmed and updated in Compliance Assist by April 4th.
Finally, the SACS visit will be April 9-11th. Joey said that he does not really know a lot of information yet. When he knows more, he will let everyone know.

Will said that these dates need to be laid out well in advance in the future and they need to be put in the year-round academic calendar so everyone is aware of what is coming up and what to expect.

Kevin Riley: Early Alert/Starfish.

Kevin said that the new software program that the VCCS is bringing online in the fall for is Starfish Early Alert. He said that faculty will have access through the myCVCC portal. He said that they will probably be sending him a survey and he will need help from some faculty. Will said that he can just work with the Deans directly to get faculty help.

Will Sandidge: Zero-based Budgeting. 

Will said that he will ask John Poole to come talk about this at the next meeting.

Will Sandidge: Curriculum Changes.

Will said that there will be a curriculum committee meeting on April 2nd and everything is due to Dianne by April 12th.

Will Sandidge: Fall Schedule. 

Will said that there will be a scheduling meeting tomorrow.

Non-agenda Items:

Will Sandidge: Early College numbers.

Will asked each off-site center director and Muriel what the numbers are for Early College. Campbell County – 24, Bedford – 23, Appomattox – 25, Amherst – 27, Lynchburg City Schools – 19.

Jim Lemons: Faculty EWP.

Jim said that Leticia is insistent on putting program head/coordinator responsibilities on faculty EWPs. He said that he does not think it should be included in the EWP because they are not responsibilities that are permanent. Muriel said that she agrees with Jim because some of her faculty have the duties in the fall and not in the spring, or some faculty will have the responsibilities one year, but not the next because someone else will take them over.

Will asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
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