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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
April 25, 2013


Will Sandidge, Jim Lemons, Mary Canfield, Jeffrey Laub, Judy Graves, Linda Rodriguez, Mike Danos, Pat Gatti, Susan Beasley, Mike Fein, Peter Dorman, John Poole, Julie Dailey, Linda Mallory and Leticia Forster

Agenda Items:

Zero-based Budgeting: John Poole.

 John said that since the beginning, budgets have always been “you’ve always gotten what you always get”. He said that the better way to do this is to have a better budget for departmental needs. John said that the budget this year is going to be tight because our enrollment is down. He said that for the zero-based budget, everyone will need to assume that they never had a budget before and build up a realistic budget for what will be needed for supplies, travel, operating expenses, etc. He told everyone to not expect to get what you have received in the past.

Linda Mallory/Julie Dailey: Problems with Transferability of Classes.

Jim started out by saying that this is a problem that could have implications for every program that we have here because the issue of transferability is going to have some tremendous impact on us going forward. He said that today they are going to emphasize Accounting, but that is not the issue. The issue is the bigger problem that we are having with transferability and what is impacting the Accounting program will impact a lot of other programs as well.

Linda started out by explaining how we got to this issue. She said that she and Julie have always taught all of the chapters (24 – 25) in the Accounting textbooks for their classes, but after attending a systems office articulation agreement meeting regarding Accounting courses, she found out that many other colleges in the VCCS are not covering all of the chapters. Some are covering 19; some are only covering 11 chapters. She said that at that meeting, someone from New River Community College said that they do not even teach Accounting according to the master course description from the VCCS. He said that they cannot teach it that way because Virginia Tech has changed the way that they teach their Accounting courses and they said that if New River does not teach their Accounting courses like VT does, they will not accept those credits. Another person from Dabney S. Lancaster said at that same meeting that they have a special deal with JMU and they do not teach their Accounting courses like the VCCS master course descriptions say that they should either. Linda said that VT went so far as to send a letter to the VCCS office stating that they would no longer accept ACC 211 & ACC 212 as both ACIS 2115 & ACIS 2116. They said that they would accept ACC 211 & ACC 212 as ACOS 2115 and ACIS elective (equaling 6 credits) and students would be expected to enroll and complete ACIS 2116 at VT. Linda also said that she has heard from numerous places that each college should have an articulation agreement committee. She said this is the first she’s heard of that.

Julie said that they are asking for an advocate for their courses either here at the college level or at the VCCS level to get the real facts out there and see if this issue can be resolved. Julie prepared a document showing what VT says that we do not teach compared to what we do teach. There are only 6 line items that we do not cover in our Accounting courses.
Will said that they should all meet and brief Dr. Capps on this situation. Peter said that he will take this issue to CFAC as well. Will said that he will get with Dan Lewis to find out more about the Articulation Committee that we are supposed to have.

Leticia Forster: 29-hour limit. 

Will said that he thought there was still some confusion on the 29-hour limit, so he wanted to bring Leticia back in to try to clarify things. Leticia said that any hours over 29 have to be approved ahead of time by the VP and have to be submitted in writing to Leticia beforehand. Leticia also reiterated that the 29 hours is over a 30-day time period of calendar days. 

Jeffrey Laub: Textbook policy.

eff said that the deans talked about this issue of various faculty who use different textbooks for the same course. He said that they put together a policy to enforce that the same textbook needs to be used for the same courses across all modalities, with the exception of dual enrollment classes. Peter said that he thinks it is a good idea, but for academic freedom, he would like to see the supplemental textbook(s) allowed to be different. Will said that it will need to be run through the Faculty Association and then will go before the President’s Cabinet for approval.

Will Sandidge: Retreat for AA & SS goals. 

Will said that other departments have had retreats to talk about strategic planning and their goals. Will said that AA & SS should have one after graduation to come up with our strategic long range plans and our future goals.

Will Sandidge: Classes for Campbell County.

Will asked the Deans if they had finalized all the classes for Campbell County and put them into the schedule. Jeff said that he believed so; Judy said that she has one SDV course that was not in yet. Will asked Jim and Jeff to send him the list of courses so he could send it out to the other counties to see if there was any interest besides Campbell County.

Will asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
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