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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
May 16, 2013


Will Sandidge, Jim Lemons, Muriel Mickles, Jeffrey Laub, Judy Graves, Walter Krug, Mike Irby, Mike Danos, Pat Gatti, Susan Beasley, Mike Fein, Sue Cochrane, Linda Daye and Mary Evans

Agenda Items:

Electronics and Computer Networking Curriculum AAS degree: Jeff Laub. 

Will started out by saying that he and Jeff are working on this new curriculum, with Jeff closely working with Harris Corporation. He said that they met with Harris about it yesterday and he asked Jeff to brief everyone about it. Harris came back to CVCC to modernize the electronics program and add networking because they were not getting very many job applicants anymore. Jeff said that Harris will be providing scholarships, students, etc. Will said that they will be making a brochure that details all of the information for this new program to give to all of the counselors and off-site centers.

Linda Daye: New Form for Adjuncts and Part-time Employees.

Linda said that this new form needs to be given to all part-time staff and adjunct faculty for them to sign. HR has to have this signed form on file for every part-time person including adjuncts. Linda said that she would like them back by May 24th. Adjunct faculty have to agree to only teach 10 hours in the fall, 10 hours in the spring and 7 hours in the summer. Linda said that according to Leticia, hours are credit and not contact, so if someone teaches a 3-credit class and they also work part-time, they can only work 26 hours as a part-time staff member.

Will Sandidge: Shared Services Distance Learning Option for Addressing Potential Faculty Shortage. 

Will asked Muriel to go over this topic. Will said that Dr. Capps brought it up and has to do with diversity. She said that this was the minority/diversity initiative that Chris Lee put in place to hire adjunct faculty. She said that the VCCS has a pool of faculty who are designated to a particular geographic area that they live in that would not mind working at the colleges. Muriel said from her perspective, she has tried to use that database to attract minorities to CVCC and she has had no luck at all. She said that most of them are in a different town usually because the geographic area covers a large area and includes Roanoke, Charlottesville and sometimes Richmond. She said that most people do not want to drive 2 hours roundtrip or more just to teach one class as an adjunct. Will acknowledged that he put down the wrong agenda item title, but said that this is what he wanted Muriel to talk about.

Will Sandidge: Summer 2013 Enrollment. 

Will said that we are 9.5% down in enrollment for the summer, which is up from 14% down that we were down, so we are making some progress. He said that the system average is 11.5% down. Judy said that even though it will fluctuate, we are up 8% for fall enrollment.

Will Sandidge: Campbell County Occupational Classes. 

Will said that Campbell County came in with a good initiative and they asked us to put in occupational classes for students. He said that these will not be Early College courses and the students will come here for these courses. These include EMT, Welding, Machine Tool, and HVAC. He said that there has already been a good response from students enrolling in these classes.

Will asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
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