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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
June 13, 2013


Will Sandidge, Jim Lemons, Muriel Mickles, Jeffrey Laub, Judy Graves, Walter Krug, Linda Rodriguez, Mike Danos, Pat Gatti, Susan Beasley, Mike Fein, Sue Cochrane, Leticia Forster, and Peter Dorman

Agenda Items:

Jeff Laub: Part-time/Adjunct Hours. 

Jeff wanted to know who is responsible for making sure part-time staff and adjunct faculty are adhering to the rules of the restricted hours. He said that he is mainly talking about the part-time staff members who are also adjunct faculty. Leticia said that the ultimate responsibility is the employee. She said that is why they are required to sign the VCCS Employment Certification and Notice of Part-time Hours form stating where all they work and how many hours at each position/location. Leticia also said that if you are the supervisor approving time for the person who is both an adjunct and part-time employee, you are responsible for approving their time and making sure they stay within the guidelines. Jim said that there are also issues with faculty and/or staff who are working in both the academic and workforce areas. Leticia said that it is critical for all areas/departments/divisions to communicate and for all employees to communicate with their supervisor(s).  Judy suggested that maybe we need to make our own form that will show all the areas that someone works in.

Mike Fein: VIVA.

Mike said that VIVA is a state agency, funded by the general assembly, which is a consortium of the libraries of 74 higher education institutions. They have purchased two large collections of e-books, some of which are textbooks. These are accessible through the library catalog. Will said that Mike should send an email notifying all faculty of this new resource. Walter suggested that Mike do a 10-minute presentation about VIVA at Convocation to give exposure to it.
Mike also said that last year the library purchased textbook for the top ten classes to have for in-library use. This year, he would like to expand that to the top ten courses for each division.

Walter Krug: Textbooks for Fall 2013. 

Walter asked when textbook request are due to the bookstore for the fall. He wanted to know so that he can tell the Early College students that they can just go to the bookstore website to get the books for their classes. The Deans said they should already be there. Walter and Linda said that they are not all in and they are getting calls every day from Early College parents so they can go ahead and buy the books. Will told the Deans to check on all of the Early College books to make sure that they are in to the bookstore as soon as possible.

Non-agenda Item:

Judy Graves. Judy said that she needed to add an agenda item regarding ADA policies. She handed out a document entitled “Disabilities Support Services Policies and Procedures” and asked everyone to review it before the next meeting. She said that once it is approved by this group, she will get Will to take it to the President’s Staff for their approval. She said we are required to have it published.

Will Sandidge: Hours of Off-site Centers. 

Will said that we are making some changes to the Off-site Centers with operating hours to help with productivity and with the budget cuts. He said that this should save about $100,000 a semester, which is better than having to close down a center. Will said that these new operating hours will begin this fall semester. Will said that they should stay open until 6pm the week before classes start and until 7pm the week of classes to be consistent with the main campus counseling office in order to help students with registration.

Will asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
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