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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
July 11, 2013


Will Sandidge, Muriel Mickles, Amy McIvor, Judy Graves, Walter Krug, Mike Irby, Mike Danos, Pat Gatti, Gayle Kiger, Mike Fein, Sue Cochrane, Leticia Forster, Peter Dorman, Linda Daye, and Mary Evans

Agenda Items:

Leticia Forster: Adjunct Pay Policy.

Leticia said that she and Linda have been talking about the full-time summer pay policy since they are “adjuncts” for the summer. She said that they have also been talking about sending all contracts via email instead of hard copies in the mail. She said that they are talking about starting this new initiative this fall for adjuncts and next summer for full-time faculty. She said that once the faculty members sign the contracts they can either mail, fax or email them back to the Human Resources office. Amy said that a lot of adjunct faculty do not read their email so that will be a problem. Leticia said that they all have email addresses and should be checking their email. She said that they will have to start checking their email if they want to get their contract. Muriel said that we would have to send something in the mail notifying them that we are changing the method of delivery of the contracts and tell them that they must check their email to get their contract. Leticia said that she can send the notification letter via email as well because she has the adjuncts’ personal emails. Will said that will work for those who check their email, but not everyone check their personal email either. He said that if we send it via email and regular mail we can get them both ways and make sure that they are made aware.  

Suzanne Cochrane: Reporting of DE grades.

Suzanne said that she and Julie had a long meeting about this. She said that the way the policy is right now is that we mail the class roster, the DE instructors send back the grades and then someone in Admissions and Records inputs the grades into the system. She said that they would like to have all DE instructors input their own grades so the burden of proof falls back on them. Judy asked if they have access to the system. Suzanne said no but we would need to get IT to allow them access to input their own grades. Walter suggested talking to the central office staff at each school system to let them know about this new policy and that now the DE faculty will have to complete the required security training.

Will Sandidge: Meeting with Dual Enrollment faculty. 

Will said that we will be having a meeting for DE faculty on August 15th. He said that we will have two sessions for them to choose from – one at noon and one at 5:30pm and we will provide pizza and drinks at both sessions. He said that we need to have this meeting to make sure that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing and adhering to all of the policies and procedures that are required. He said that especially with SACS coming up that we need to make sure that the DE classes are the same as the classes here on the main campus. Will asked Suzanne to get with the Deans to come up with an agenda for this meeting.

Will Sandidge: Fall Classes that are full. 

Will asked the Deans to look at classes for this fall that are full and add more classes where necessary.

Will Sandidge: Move Spring classes now (based on new operating hours of the Off-site Centers). 

Will asked the Deans to work with the Off-site Center directors to make any changes necessary to spring classes based on the new Off-site Center operating hours.

Will asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
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