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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
August 29, 2013


Will Sandidge, Muriel Mickles, Jeffrey Laub, Jim Lemons, Tammy Johnson, Walter Krug, Mike Irby, Mike Danos, Pat Gatti, Ed McGee, Mike Fein, Sue Cochrane, Leticia Forster, Mary Evans, David McGee, Julie Loving, and Evan Abatecola

Before getting into the items on the Agenda, Will wanted to let everyone know of a change that has happened. He said that Campbell County Early College will now come under his supervision and Bennie Arthur will be approving the timesheets of the people who work under him. In addition, Campbell County Early College will be listed separately on the dashboard.

Agenda Items:

Mobile Apps: Evan Abatecola. 

Evan said that he just wanted to inform everyone that we have a mobile app now that is available in both the Android and iTunes app stores and is free. He said that they are still working on it because the VCCS pushed all colleges to release it a lot earlier than they wanted to. He said that it has limited information and integration but by the end of the year, it should be a great app with more information.  

Probationary Progress Review: Leticia Forster.

Leticia said that she does not like the term “probationary”, she likes “introductory”, but “probationary” is what the state uses so we have to go with that one. Leticia said that CVCC has chosen to do 6 month and 1 year probationary reviews. She said that supervisors will evaluate new employees, both part-time wage and full-time classified, after 6 months and one year with a formal evaluation. At the end of 1 year, either the supervisor or the employee can decide to not continue on or the supervisor will continue the employment. Leticia said that Human Resources will send notices to the supervisors reminding them to do the evaluations for their new employees.

Attendance Rosters: Julie Loving. 

Julie handed out information regarding attendance rosters to those that needed it. She said that students now have the opportunity to drop themselves online through the drop date and can still get their refund. Julie said that nothing really changed on the roster deadline except for the first date. Julie also mentioned that if a professor accidentally drops a student, the student will be referred to the Dean for that decision to be made along with Will’s guidance.

Spring 2014 and Summer 2014 Schedules: Will Sandidge. 

Will said that everyone needs to be working on spring and summer course listings. He said that there will be a meeting to work on the schedule on Thursday, September 19th at 10am.
Will asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
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