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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
December 3, 2013


Will Sandidge, Muriel Mickles, Jeffrey Laub, Jim Lemons, Judy Graves, Pat Gatti, Walter Krug, Mike Irby, Mike Danos, Ed McGee, Mike Fein, Sue Cochrane, Mary Evans, Kathy Kidd, David McGee, Kevin Riley, and David Lightfoot

Agenda Items:

Sails & Quinn: Kevin Riley.

Kevin said that previously all classes were going to go to Sails for spring but that has now changed. He said that in addition to the current developmental classes, only ENG 111, SDV 100, MTH 163 and BIO 101 will be included in the Sails early alert system. He said that all classes should be included in fall 2014. Kevin said that he wants to have training before the end of this semester and during Convocation for the spring semester. David McGee mentioned that there will only be two days for Convocation in the fall. Will suggested that Kevin do training towards the end of the spring semester for fall and then conduct webinars in the fall for faculty who will still need training. Kevin said that Quin is a database that pulls information out of Peoplesoft. It stands for Question Information Navigation and is meant to help answer questions or get an idea about what trends are happening.

Windows 8: David Lightfoot.  
David said that now there are some questions about Windows 8. He said that he had hoped to have the Lab Reload forms with him today, but he did not. He said that if/when we switch to Windows 8, significant training will need to take place and there are potential complications because it is such a different system. He said that if we are going to Windows 8 in classrooms then we would also have to put it on faculty office computers. David said that putting it on the classroom computers is not an issue, but putting it on faculty computers is more complicated because of their documents and settings. Jeff said that it needs to be implemented in the summer, not mid-semester. Jim said that Corinne is willing to do the training for Windows 8.Will asked David if there was any more information from VCCS on the status of Office 365. David said that they said it will be a systems office rollout but he said that they need to provide a timeline. He has asked for a timeline but has not been provided with one yet. He said that he hopes to get more information at the Tech Council Meeting next Tuesday. Everyone agreed that for Office 365, a decision cannot be made until David gets more information at the Tech Council meeting next week. David said that touchscreens will be for IST faculty first and then all other faculty will have to justify why they need a touchscreen and how is will benefit the college.  

Shared Services: Ed McGee. 
Ed said that the VCCS is trying to give us the opportunity to offer classes that we cannot offer right now through Shared Services. He said that students would enroll with us and we could take the tuition, but the students would take the class online through another VCCS college. Ed said that we are already a part of this opportunity. Will said that Ed is the contact person for this initiative and the Deans will need to work with him to offer classes for the spring.

Incomplete grades: Judy Graves. Judy said that the form for incomplete grades is now online on Admission and Records’ page under downloadable forms.

Getting grades in on time: Judy Graves.

Judy said that now that the governor has given us the 23rd off, it is really important for faculty to get grades in on time on December 16th so that they are processed on time.

On-ramp: Judy Graves. 

Judy said that On-ramp is a new grant-funded program that assists dislocated workers and helps them enroll and get skills to get back into the workforce. She said that they will be hiring a director soon and the program will begin in January.

E-health: Jim Lemons. 
Jim said that E-health is an Electronics Health Records Management program. He said that we are doing this in conjunction with Northern Virginia Community College. He said that it is a workforce initiative and is grant-funded by the Department of Education.  

Will asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
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