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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
February 4, 2014


Will Sandidge, Muriel Mickles, Jeffrey Laub, Jim Lemons, Tammy Johnson, Pat Gatti, Walter Krug, Mike Irby, Bennie Arthur, Mike Fein, Mary Evans, Bob Moden, Debbie Marshall, and Cindy Wallin

Agenda Items:

Late opening and classes scheduled prior to 10am: Walter Krug.  

Walter said that he would like to bring to everyone’s attention that twice in the past couple of weeks they have had students that have come in and told them that their instructors have told them that they are expected to be in class even though there is a late opening. Will said that we need to make sure that the policy is very clear. He said that we need to come up with recommendations and go from there. Will said that he and the Deans will come up with a recommended policy and take it before the Faculty Association to get their feedback.

The equity between Dual Enrollment courses and non-Dual Enrollment courses: Jeff Laub.  

Jeff said that this issue was brought to his attention by Cindy, so he wanted to let her address the group. He said that some high schools have 85-minute finals and some have 150-minute finals. Jeff said that they would like to work with the schools to make sure that they have the same amount of time for final exams that our students do here on campus and also meet the VCCS guidelines for finals as well. Cindy said that she has some major concern about the equity across the two modalities. Not only is the time for final exams a concern, but one county only allows for the final exam to count for 10% of the grade. Walter suggested that Dr. Capps bring it up to the superintendents when he meets with them because he said that he does not think the Off-site Center Directors can address this issue. Will said that when the Deans are reviewing the syllabi, if they come across a discrepancy, they need to address it. Jim said that having some kind of format for syllabi to follow so certain things will be listed in the same area of every faculty’s syllabus. For instance, number 8 could be grading policy and all syllabi would list their grading policies as item number 8. Will said that before they have a meeting with all of the school systems, he wants Cindy to come up with a list of all of the issues and work with the Deans to come up with a full list and put it in writing to him. Once he receives that list, then he can set up a meeting with the Directors of Instruction to discuss the concerns.    

Students dropped in error: Debbie Marshall. 

Will said that there are a lot of issues lately with students dropping and faculty accidentally dropping students and most of the time it impacts Financial Aid. Debbie handed out a packet on the Federal regulations and policies and went over them with everyone. Will said that the majority of the problems are in the web-based classes. Jim said that Brent Lester requires that every student reads the syllabus and take a quiz on the syllabus to prove that they are in the class. Will said that he liked that idea and said that more professors should implement that requirement. He said that Ed went through the list of online classes and after the first week of classes if he saw that a student had not logged in to Blackboard, he personally called them to let them know that they needed to log in and do an assignment in order to not get dropped from the class. 

Fall 2014 schedule: Will Sandidge. 

Will said that they will get something out to everyone next week with the timeline and more information for fall 2014, spring & summer 2015.

Non-agenda Items:  

Will said for the Deans and Off-site Center Directors make sure to attach documentation for all travel requests.
Will said that they met with the baseball team yesterday and we are going to have to delay our baseball program to next fall because we do not have enough players.
Will asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
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