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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
February 18, 2014

Will Sandidge, Muriel Mickles, Jeffrey Laub, Jim Lemons, Judy Graves, Pat Gatti, Walter Krug, Mike Irby, Mike Danos, Mike Fein, Mary Evans, Bob Moden, Sue Cochrane, Leticia Forster, Ed McGee, Cynthia Lofaso, and Lana Velez

Agenda Items:

QEP Update: Cynthia Lofaso & Lana Velez. 

Cynthia and Lana gave the QEP Update. They gave everyone two handouts. The first one was the same handout that they gave at Convocation that just goes over some questions and answers about the QEP. Lana said that our QEP is called Building Better Writers and we are focusing on our developmental English students. She said that we are going to track that cohort through their various programs and see how their writing improves based on the different strategies that we are going to take on as a college. One of the main new strategies is going to be starting a peer tutoring program. She said that they had a great meeting with Lynchburg College at the end of January and they are looking for an opportunity for their students to have service learning components or internships. They will have a follow-up meeting with LC to set up training for the tutors. Cynthia said that they are also working on some in-house ideas and strategies to address tutoring such as special sections of English 112 and a learning resource center. Cynthia said that they will have more forum sessions this semester, will keep everyone up-to-date through e-mail over the summer and will have some more activities in the fall to keep everyone engaged in the QEP.

New Hire Process: Leticia. 

Leticia said that they have updated the recruitment procedures and have put them in the Employee Manual and Dianne put them in the Daily Bulletin. She said that it is very critical that these new procedures are followed going forward. The main thing that is new about the procedures is a form that must be completed and signed off on all the way to Dr. Capps’ office on the recommendation for the strongest candidate to finalize the process. Leticia said without that form, no offers will be made for full and/or part-time positions. Leticia said, for the Deans, that there is a worksheet out there for adjuncts that they have and fill out based on their rank. She said that HR would like to get a copy of that worksheet for all new adjuncts. The Deans said that they already do that, but Leticia said that they do not get them all, so she would just like to make sure that sending a copy of that worksheet is part of the new hire process for adjuncts.

Making up snow days: Will Sandidge. 

Will said that we have missed 3 Wednesday nights and his suggestion is to extend the time of those classes to make up the time that was missed. He said that Gail provided some information that about 95% of our full-time faculty and a lot of our adjunct faculty use Blackboard components in their classes. He said that is a great tool that faculty can use to make up the work and is probably a more reasonable way to handle the missed time. Ed said that Distance Education is available for training for any faculty that need to know how to use Blackboard effectively to make up work. Ed said that faculty also have the availability of using Blackboard Collaborate to record a lecture and Distance Education can help them with that aspect as well. Will asked Ed to e-mail his ideas to the Deans so they can let the faculty know what Distance Education can offer to help them. Will said that the other problem is that some faculty are requiring students to come to the college before it officially opens. Will said that this is unacceptable because it is a liability issue. He said that he will send an email out to address this issue with faculty. He said that Don Bowman suggested to start classes at 10am instead of cancelling all classes that begin before 10am because, for his particular class, he could still get 45 minutes of instruction in if the class started at 10am. Will wanted to know the group’s feedback on that idea. Muriel said that it is not a bad idea, but it is going to have to be really clarified because it could be very confusing.

Non-agenda Items:  

Judy said that the timeline for fall, spring and summer class schedule of next year will be sent out by the end of this week. Registration for fall begins April 11th. Will said that they will continue with having the off-site centers only open late two nights a week.
Will asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
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