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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
August 12, 2014

Will Sandidge, Muriel Mickles, Jeffrey Laub, Judy Graves, Pat Gatti, Mike Danos, Mike Fein, Mary Evans, Kenny Holt, Betty Jo Smith, Kimberly French, Sue Cochrane, and Ed McGee

Agenda Items:

Attendance Procedures and College Grade Plan: Kimberly French. 

Kimberly passed around handouts for everyone. She started with the attendance procedures. The main thing that she wants everyone to be aware of is when the attendance comes through with the first time rosters, they must have the form that has the financial aid information on it. Judy said that they only want them for students who have never attended the class. She also said that if a faculty member drops a student, they cannot let them come back to class. Jeff asked if something was being included to make them not drop students before they have a chance to drop themselves. Kimberly said yes and it is part of the attendance procedures. She said for fall 2014, the last day for students to drop and withdraw themselves is Friday, September 5th. They are asking instructors to have their information in by noon on Friday, September 5th. They are allowing students to drop themselves that Friday and the following Monday they will go in and back-date to allow the students to have the opportunity to drop themselves. Kimberly said that these procedures will go out to all faculty. For the College Grade Plan for Credit Courses, Kimberly read over the handout to make sure everyone understood the plan. She said that for financial aid purposes, they have to put the last date that they attended the class and not any other date. For online classes, it would be the last day that they accessed the class. Kimberly said that these procedures and plans will be housed in the Faculty and Staff Manual and the intranet portal.

Shared Services: Ed McGee. 

Will said that Ed has briefed everyone a couple of times on this topic, but he wanted him to bring everyone up to speed on what is happening with it. Ed said that as of now, we are receiving thirteen courses from other schools, primarily NOVA and we are sending one course (Geology) to other schools. Seventeen students are enrolled in these courses. Ed wanted to make sure that everyone is aware that late-adds are not allowed for Shared Services classes. He said that there are also some 8-week and 12-week courses that are offered, so he will gather up a list of those courses and send them out to the deans and counselors in case students want to add a class late. Will said that we get 2/3 of the FTE and 1/3 of the tuition for these courses. Will said that Ed needs to work with the deans and get these classes added to the spring schedule.

Fall 2014 Enrollment: Will Sandidge. 

Will said that we are still down a little bit, but we are fighting and hanging in there. Sue said that the DE students are in the system yet, so that will help our numbers go up some.

Departmental Budgets: Will Sandidge.

Will said that everyone should get their departmental budgets by Friday, no later than early next week.  
Will asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
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