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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
December 4, 2014

Will Sandidge, Muriel Mickles, Amy McIvor, Ava Connelly, Michael Farris, Pat Gatti, Mike Danos, Mike Fein, Mary Evans, Kenny Holt, Betty Jo Smith, Sue Cochrane, Tom Sparhawk, and Ed McGee

Agenda Items:

Michael Farris: Will Sandidge. 

Will started out the meeting by introducing Michael Farris, the new Dean of Enrollment Management. Will said that he sent out an email about Michael and told everyone to look at the Organizational Chart to see who reports to him.

Student Services Transition: Will Sandidge. 

Will said that the Dean of Enrollment Management will be in charge of what it takes to get students into the college and the new Dean of Student Services will be in charge of what it takes to keep the students here (Retention, Library, Tutoring Center, etc). He said that all of the other areas of Student Services that do not fall under Michael will fall under the new Dean of Student Services, which he hopes they will advertise for after the first of the year.

Student Activities Coordinator: Will Sandidge. 

Will said that Linda Adams was gracious enough to come back and fill in on an interim basis. He said that they advertised one time and decided to go back out again and when they went out again for applications, they got around 80 applicants the second time. He said that the committee would like to screen and select interviewees, have the interviews and hope to select the person before Christmas since Linda is only available until then to serve as interim.

Adjunct Faculty Orientation: Will Sandidge. 

Will said this is only for the deans. He said that we need to know how many new adjunct faculty we will have starting in the spring. Will said the New Adjunct Faculty Orientation will be held on Tuesday, January 6th at 5:30pm.

Certifications/Credentials: Will Sandidge.

Will said that the new initiative from the Chancellor is getting an additional 50,000 certifications/credentials. A credential is anytime a student graduates from a program and even includes if you graduate in General Studies from here and go on to a 4-year university and get a degree, that’s another credential. He said that we just have to be able to track them all and get credit for all of them. He said that right now we do not know what credentials the VCCS will accept. Will said that we need to try to put more emphasis on students to take their certifications. He said that a lot of students just get the training and go to work, not caring about getting certified.

Lynchburg City Schools CTE Initiative: Will Sandidge. 

Will said that he thinks everyone is feeling the pressure of Campbell County because they have 80 students in CTE programs, in addition to the STEM Academy and Early College students. He thinks that is putting a little bit of push on the other school divisions. Will said that he and Dr. Capps met with Dr. Brabrand and Brian Wray from LCS and they are trying to expand to include CTE programs for their students. Will said that he needs to know from Amy and Ava how many extra slots we have available for the possibility of LCS to start sending their students to the five CTE programs.

End of semester grades: Will Sandidge. 

Will said that Kimberly French sent out an email on grades. He said that we need to make sure grades are turned in on time. He said that the grades need to be checked and double-checked.

Attendance at Holiday Luncheon: Will Sandidge.

Will said that a couple of people have complained about it, but we cannot close all of the offices during the luncheon because we are here for the students. He said that it is up to the supervisor to make sure their offices are covered.

Enhanced Financial Aid/Student Accounts Initiative: Will Sandidge. 

Will said that he will be sending out an email today about this. He said that the VCCS has entered into a contract with Blackboard for them to provide 365/24/7 Financial Aid coverage, which will enhance our customer service. He said that Michael will be the lead person at CVCC to head up this initiative. There will be an information session with representatives from Blackboard and VCCS on December 11th and Will encouraged everyone to attend the session from 9-10am.

Non-Agenda Item:
Muriel said that the Writing Center will open in January. She encouraged everyone to send their students to the center for writing help. 
Will asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
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