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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
April 7, 2015

Will Sandidge, Mary Canfield, Jeff Laub, Jim Lemons, Michael Farris, Pat Gatti, Mike Danos, Mike Fein, Betty Jo Smith, Tom Sparhawk, Ed McGee, and Wil Perez

Agenda Items:

Changes with Shared Drives/Documents: Wil Perez. 

Wil said that the shared drives that are currently through our internal sharepoint are starting to fail. The plan is to move all possible shares to the 360 environment that is included in our licensing. It is better integrated within the browser – you will log in one time and get to your documents. The changeover will start with the Counseling Department, will continue to roll out to the other departments within Student Services, and then to all of the departments. Michael said that the nice thing about 360 is that the documents will be easy to access from the web, smartphone or other devices. Will mentioned that we will be writing a Title III grant and the big part of it will be to redo our website.

Update on the new Financial Aid customer service call center: Michael Farris. 

Michael handed out a timeline to everyone. He said that by July 1, calls to Financial Aid and Student Accounts will be routed through the Blackboard call center. Those answering the phone calls will be representing themselves as CVCC and will be able to answer the questions that students call about. They will be available 24/7/365. This is a system-wide process that all VCCS schools will be using. Michael said that NOVA and Tidewater are already using this service and are happy with the results. He said that Blackboard’s escalation rate is estimated to be in the teens, but he realizes that it will be higher at the outset until we can get them all the information they need. Michael said that he will be able to keep track of the queue of calls and the ones that are sent to us to call back. Michael said that he will communicate out to all staff the protocol for sending calls to Blackboard or our staff.

Will asked Michael to elaborate on Summer Financial Aid. Michael said that he sent out the email to students regarding availability of Financial Aid on Friday and they have already gotten over 100 Financial Aid applications for summer since then. They are promoting this initiative via billboards, city bus, and other areas to try to increase summer enrollment. They expect to begin awarding for summer this Friday and Michael says that within a week or so a person applying for Financial Aid should be awarded within 24 hours.

Industrial Maintenance Program: Jeff Laub. 

Jeff said that they have been working with the Workforce Investment Board and they have been rounding up a lot of companies who have come back to the realization that Industrial Maintenance is important again and demand has gone up significantly. They have come up with a Career Studies Certificate and are also in talks of the need for an MT1 Certificate, which is Basic Industrial Training. Jeff said that he would like to have both day and night classes and they are trying to design it based on what the Workforce Investment Board wants.

Budget/Personnel Requests: Will Sandidge. 

Will wanted to make sure that everyone submitted their budget requests to Kris. He said that he has received a few personnel requests, but there is not a good system in place for those. He said that he is working on coming up with a good system for personnel requests, hour increases, etc.

Summer School: Will Sandidge. Will said that this was already discussed earlier.

Non-Agenda Item:

Mike Fein said that they will start making summer IDs on April 24th. As a reminder, he said that it takes 24 hours for the students’ names to be pulled from PeopleSoft into the ID system.
Will asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
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