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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
July 28, 2015

Muriel Mickles, Jeff Laub, Jim Lemons, Michael Farris, Pat Gatti, Mike Fein, Betty Jo Smith, Tom Sparhawk, Ed McGee, Kenny Holt, and David Lightfoot

Agenda Items:

DVDs and Windows 10: David Lightfoot. David said that we need to change to a digital environment. Windows 10 does not allow for DVD playback in the classrooms. There are also copyright issues with DVDs and the new Windows versions know when they are connected to a projection screen and they will not work. In addition, David said that we are moving to widescreens. He said that we need to be thinking about what we want for our new digital design. He also mentioned that this will not be changed before classes start. Tom said it would be good to know how many people actually use DVDs to know how many faculty it will affect. Jeff said that since it will be phased in, there would still be rooms with DVDs available for the next five years as it is phased out. David said that this probably will not even start until January 2016. Mike Fein said that faculty need to be made aware that this is coming down the pike. Tom said it might be a good idea to mention it at convocation that it is coming. Ed said that it might help to get faculty to be early adopters to getting videos digitally and showing them how easy it is to store on the server. Tom asked how much this will cost to use digital licenses. David said he did not know because he does not know how many people are using the videos. Ed said he will work through the E2IT committee to survey the faculty to see how many are still using the old technology and how many videos they tend to use.

Survey/analysis of Blackboard Collaborate and on-line classes: Ed McGee. Ed said that he ran the numbers for Collaborate and there was a 73.5% pass rate over the summer. He also mentioned that Distance Education will be doing training sessions at the off-site centers this fall.

Enrollment Staus: Muriel Mickles. Muriel said that we did back out last night and 914 students were backed out according to Michael. She said that those who were backed out will receive a postcard saying that they can still enroll and some 100 will receive a phone call saying that they need some kind of documentation for verification to receive financial aid.

Review of Financial Aid Call Center: Michael Farris. Michael said that CVCC started using the Blackboard 24/7/365 service on 7/1. He said that it is designed for students, so faculty and staff cannot call and say they are trying to help a student; the student needs to call or must be right there and can validate who they are to Blackboard. Michael said that the initial data for this first month is good and there is only a 4.5% escalation rate. 

Muriel asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
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