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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
September 22, 2015

Muriel Mickles, Peter Dorman, Pat Gatti, Mike Fein, Betty Jo Smith, Tom Cheryl Cunningham, Mike Danos, Ed McGee, Kenny Holt, Mary Evans, Hunter Overstreet, William Osborne, and David Lightfoot

Agenda Items:

SAILS: Hunter Overstreet. Hunter said that some students have reached out to them to say that they appreciate the feedback. He gave everyone some numbers from the first few weeks of classes. Hunter said that he has set up a Blackboard page with FAQs and videos for faculty to use to understand and utilize SAILS more.

Alertus/Lock-down browser: David Lightfoot/William Osborne. David brought up a potential issue with lock-down browser. He said that the biggest problem is with the Pearson version, which is mainly used by the math department. He said that 112 computers on campus have the Pearson version on them. That particular version is not compatible with Alertus, which is CVCC's notification system for emergency alerts on campus. David asked the group if we should choose a different lock-down browser so all computers can receive the Alertus messages or continue to use the Pearson lock-down browser with the understanding that those computers will not receive the Alertus messages. Muriel asked William to send her a list of the computers that have Pearson installed on them so we can determine who the owners are and meet with them to determine what the best option would be.

Financial Aid for those program that are currently not eligible: Betty Jo Smith. Betty Jo said that since Michael Farris could not be at this meeting, this item will be tabled until the next meeting.

Muriel asked if there were any other items to discuss and since there were none, he dismissed the meeting.
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