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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
February 9, 2016
Muriel Mickles, Peter Dorman, Jim Lemons, Tammy Johnson, Pat Gatti, Mike Danos, Ed McGee, Mary Evans, and Mike Fein
Agenda Items:
Tuition Payment Plan (currently TMS): Pat Gatti
  • Pat had an experience this spring with the payment plan.
  • The cutoff date was prior to the last day to enroll in classes.
  • He said he looked at DCC and VWCC and their dates were after ours.
  • He talked to Dan and Dan said that it looked like John Poole set up the dates when he entered into the contract with TMS.
  • Pat contacted Pam in Accounting, she contacted TMS, and they were able to extend the deadline for a few students for the spring semester.
  • He asked if we can make the dates with TMS more consistent going forward.
  • Pat mentioned that it is the first semester that they have noticed that it has impacted students because there was a 10 day difference than in the past.
  • Muriel asked Pat to set up a meeting with Dan and herself to discuss this matter.
New Curricula: Muriel Mickles
  • There are new programs that have been proposed and sent to the VCCS. They have not been approved yet, but should be approved soon.
  • They are an AAS in Health Technology, with two specializations – Medical Coding and Compliance and Medical Scribe; an AAS in Fire Science Technology; and a Career Studies Certificate in Biotechnology. Both should be ready for fall 2016.
14-week fall schedule: Muriel Mickles
  • Muriel said that she talked to the deans yesterday and they have determined that we will have a 14-week schedule since we will no longer have late registration.
  • Last day to register for classes will be the Saturday before classes start.
  • Students who come in late (during the first week of classes) will be directed to enroll in the 14-week sessions or 2nd 8-weeks.
OER Courses to be developed: Muriel Mickles
  • There have been 13 courses that have been developed already.
  • Another 6-7 are being developed this semester.
  • There are 11 classes left to develop in order to have 2 fully OER degrees. It is moving along and should be ready by fall.
Faculty Advising: Muriel Mickles
  • Muriel said that she is going to start working on the process for faculty advising.
  • New students will meet with a counselor and then in their second semester and beyond, they will meet with a faculty advisor.
  • Phase one will be CTE programs and then phase two will be transfer programs because they are a little more difficult process.
Counselor workshop: Muriel Mickles
  • Counselor workshop will be on March 9th, 8am-12pm.
  • It will be area-wide for middle school and high school counselors to get them up to date on what we offer.
  • Also to be invited are principals, assistant principals, off-site center directors and counselors, career coaches and the deans will also be in attendance.
Open House for HS seniors: Muriel Mickles
  • Muriel said that there will be an open house for HS seniors who have not been able to attend other workshops or orientation meetings. More information on that to come.
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