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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
May 10, 2016
Muriel Mickles, Jeff Laub, Peter Dorman, Jim Lemons, Michael Farris, Patti Saffioti, Pat Gatti, Mike Danos, Betty Jo Smith, Kenny Holt, Ed McGee, Mary Evans, Mike Fein, and David Lightfoot
Agenda Items:
Introduce Dean of Student Success: Muriel Mickles
  • Muriel introduced Patti Saffioti, the new Dean of Student Success and had everyone around the table introduce themselves to Patti.
Re-setting Passwords: David Lightfoot
  • David gave instructions on how to help students reset their passwords because there are other areas, in addition to the IT Help Desk, that can help students reset their passwords.
  • David said even more people can get access to resetting passwords and he can set up training for those who need it.
  • Michael asked David to provide a list of people who already have access.
Graduation Update: Michael Farris
  • Graduation starts Thursday at 7pm in the Vines Center at Liberty University. Rehearsal is 2-3pm. Doors open at 5pm.
  • EC Glass HS will be doing the presentation of colors. Appomattox HS orchestra will be performing the music.
  • There are 35 volunteers to help throughout the evening.
  • Number of students participating is up.
Financial Aid Course Audit Implementation: Michael Farris
  • Student aid is for courses in a program of study or those that are approved to get financial aid.
  • There has not been a way to identify if courses that students are taking are in their specific degree program.
  • This implementation is coming down from the VCCS and will be an add-on to PeopleSoft.
  • Should be coming soon – maybe fall, definitely spring.
Faculty Presence Required at Graduation (written excuse for absence): Muriel Mickles
  • Just a reminder that faculty are required to attend graduation and if some extenuating circumstance comes up, a written excuse is required.
Grants: Muriel Mickles
  • The VCCS has obtained a grant for text messaging students.
  • CVCC is one of 5 VCCS colleges that will be trying out this new initiative next year.
  • It targets students who are close to completion and checks in with them to get them through to graduation.
  • OER grant is the second one we have applied for and we are being considered.
  • CVCC has been asked to collaborate with other colleges.
  • Final notice on whether or not CVCC gets the grant will be in the next few weeks.
New (Proposed) Programs and Program Changes: Deans
  • Jeff: New Energy program and Engineering Fundamentals will be proposed to the local board.
  • Jim: New Medical Scribe and Medical Billing & Coding programs will be proposed to the local board. Administrative Support Technology will be changed to Administrative Management Technology, which opens up more colleges to do articulation agreements with us. Jim also said that he is proposing a New CSC which will be CPA preparation and they will be doing away with the accounting program. The New Fire Science program will be part of professional development with the Lynchburg Fire Department.
Mitigating Circumstances Discussion: Muriel Mickles
  • Muriel passed around copies of mitigating drop and withdrawal forms and read over the policy in the catalog.
  • Muriel suggested having the counselors signature added to the form as well as copying the counselor once the form is approved.
  • Michael will have A&R update the forms.
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