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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
August 2, 2016

Muriel Mickles, Jim Lemons, Michael Farris, Pat Gatti, Mike Danos, Mike Fein, Ed McGee, Peter Dorman, Cindy Wallin, Patti Saffioti, Allison Moore, and William Holt

Agenda Items:

Approval of Minutes. Everyone read the minutes from the last meeting and they were unanimously approved.  

Low Enrollment in New Programs: Cindy Wallin. Cindy said that the Energy Technology program has a single student in it. She wanted to know if we should try to advertise it and try for the spring. She wanted to know what she should do to proceed. Jim suggested going through the shared services venue for that one student. Muriel suggested that she work with the counselors to get them to help promote it. Cindy also had another issue regarding programs that are restricted, such as STEM. She wanted to know if they need to be noted in the catalog as restricted. She said that some already are and some are not.

Enrollment Update: Muriel Mickles. Muriel wanted to compliment Michael and his team on his enrollment efforts. She said as of right now, we are up 2.89%, even though the system average is down. She said that we cannot get lax, and encouraged everyone to keep up their recruitment efforts.  

Early College Update (orientations): Muriel Mickles. Muriel said that we have a lot of orientations coming up next week for Early College: Tuesday – Bedford, Wednesday – Appomattox, Thursday – Lynchburg City Schools. She said that Campbell County did theirs last spring. As a side note, she said that the Financial Aid Pell Grant Initiative Meeting will be Thursday at 6pm to inform Early College and STEM students and parents about the experiment.

Strategic scheduling: Muriel Mickles. Muriel said to look at enrollments at the sites and in the divisions to strategically plan the schedule. For the first week of classes, she asked everyone to have ambassadors, administrative assistants, etc. out in the hallways to help the students find their way.

Site Director Update: Muriel Mickles. Muriel said that they are in the process of hiring a new site director for the Appomattox Center and will need help from Mike Danos and Pat Gatti to cover the center until that person comes on board.

Convocation Schedule: Muriel Mickles. Muriel said that convocation is coming up. She said that if there is anything that needs to be highlighted, just let her know.

Newsletter Submissions: Muriel Mickles. Muriel said that the Academic and Student Affairs newsletter will be coming out soon. She said that Jessica is gathering information to share with everyone about what is going on in our area. If there is anything you would like to have added, please send to Jessica.
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