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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
September 27, 2016
Muriel Mickles, Cindy Wallin, Peter Dorman, Jim Lemons, Michael Farris, Patti Saffioti, Pat Gatti, Kenny Holt, Mike Danos, Connie Deacon, Mary Evans, Sue Cochrane, and Alison Moore
Agenda Items:
Student Conduct: Patti Saffioti
  • Patti handed out a form to everyone that is the Report of student Misconduct.
  • Anytime there is an issue, this form must be filled out and turned in to her so she can proceed with appropriate action.
  • She will send both the Academic and Non-academic forms to the deans for them to send to all faculty.
  • Muriel asked Patti to promote it to faculty in the Faculty Association Meeting.
Start Smart counselor debriefing: Patti Saffioti
  • Patti asked for feedback regarding the Start Smart initiative.
    • The off-site centers said that there was no advantage to them.
    • By having no late registration, it blocked a lot of students from getting in.
    • There were issues with Financial Aid.
    • Saturday registration before the beginning of classes was too late and did not seem to be a good enrollment initiative.
  • Suggestions:
    • Saturday registration in July with music, food, deans, etc. out in the quad area. This would give students a month to take the placement test, get financial aid squared away, etc. before classes start.
    • Advertising for Start Smart was good, but there needs to be more continual marketing for 14-week and 2nd 8-week classes.
    • 12-week classes instead of 14-week classes might be a better idea with OER courses.
    • For the off-site centers, they need options besides 16-week courses like Collaborate 14 (or 12)-week courses so there are options for students who cannot get into the 16-week classes in time.
    • Muriel said Michael and his staff can look over this feedback and these suggestions and can try to implement some of them, but they will not be able to do all of them.
General Studies: Muriel Mickles
  • Goods news! The General Studies program has been approved as a State Transfer Degree. 
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