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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
November 8, 2016
Muriel Mickles, Cindy Wallin, Peter Dorman, Michael Farris, Patti Saffioti, Pat Gatti, Kenny Holt, Ed McGee, David Lightfoot, Juville Dario-Becker, Mary Evans, Nancy Mitchell
Agenda Items:
Early College at Jefferson Forest High School: Muriel Mickles
  • We are moving forward with Early College (EC) at Jefferson Forest High School (JFHS), while still keeping the Bedford Center and the EC program there.
  • The EC at JFHS will be more math and science focused, with two sciences with labs and having a math requirement of making an A or B in MTH 163 and 164 and will be taking MTH 173 and 174. Students in this program will be taking one of the most rigorous curricula that CVCC offers.
  • Tuition will be the same.
  • This will be a pilot that will start fall 2017.
  • There is still a lot of discussion that needs to happen and many issues that need to be resolved, but Muriel just wanted to let everyone know what is coming soon.
Title IX: Nancy Mitchell
  • There is low participation and completion in the Title IX training called Haven. She asked for ideas from the group on how to increase better participation. Students must take part in this training.
Student Printing Proposal: David Lightfoot
  • A lot of other community colleges and other universities use a pay to print model that would transfer the cost of printing from us to the students.
  • This printing model would give students the ability to print from home, their phones, etc.
  • This would not include Communication Design, CAD, or other programs that use specialized printing.
  • The company would provide the machines, the paper, etc.
  • David asked for feedback from the group to get a feel for if he should move forward with finding out more about this possibility.
  • David said that the earliest this would be implemented would be fall 2017.
  • Muriel just wanted everyone to think about it and they will discuss it with faculty and reconvene on the idea at a later date.
Formation of Dual Enrollment Advisory Committee: Michael Farris
  • Michael would like to form a Dual Enrollment (DE) Advisory Committee that would meet about once a semester to discuss and assess DE and how to grow the program.
  • Michael will convene this group before the end of this semester.
Credit for Prior Learning – Military Veterans: Michael Farris
  • Michael has been working to learn to evaluate transcripts for incoming students and a lot of those students that he has been seeing are military and have military transcripts.
  • The VCCS is working to create a comprehensive database of courses that correlate to military training/prior learning to the Master Course File for class credit.
  • He showed everyone what one of the military transcripts looks like so they were aware and that there is an initiative to articulate the number of credits for these military transcripts.
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