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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
May 23, 2017
Muriel Mickles, Peter Dorman, Cindy Wallin, Michael Farris, Patti Saffioti, Pat Gatti, Mike Danos, Sue Cochrane, Kenny Holt, Ed McGee, Mary Evans, David Lightfoot, and Jim Lemons
Agenda Items:
Filter Access: David Lightfoot
  • Firewall is up at JFHS and they need to know what our faculty would need to access to teach at the high school.
  • David said that he does not know how to quantify what is needed. Basically, it is anything that could be blocked, like what would be considered adult content.
  • Kenny said that they have a firewall at Campbell County and they have not had many issues. They have only been locked out when the firewall was updated and everyone was locked out. He said that was quickly fixed.
Report on rigor of HS Dual Enrollment classes project: Deans
  • Deans met and brainstormed ideas/protocols for the rigor of DE in the high schools.
  • Each division will hold an annual meeting for DE instructors.
  • Another initiative they want to go back to is having a mentor for each DE instructor.

Graduation Feedback: Muriel Mickles
  • Peter said that they recommended that the divisions get to see the proof of the program before it goes to print.
College-wide Calendar: Muriel Mickles
  • Muriel said that she is taking the college-wide calendar out of hibernation to start working on getting it going again. 
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