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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
August 15, 2017
Muriel Mickles, Peter Dorman, Cindy Wallin, Michael Farris, Patti Saffioti, Pat Gatti, Mike Danos, Sue Cochrane, Kenny Holt, Ed McGee, Mary Evans, David Lightfoot, and Alison Moore
Agenda Items:
SAILS: Muriel Mickles
     -  Money was already set aside for SAILS so CVCC is trying to get back into it for this next year rather than introducing our own Early Alert system. Then the college will switch over to EAB Navigate in fall 2018
     -  The VCCS has been contacted to see if we can get back into the rotation for SAILS for this year.
Grade change form policy: Muriel Mickles
     -  For less than a year, the grade change form does not need Muriel’s signature and the form can go straight to A&R after the faculty member and dean signs off on it.
       -  A grade change over a year old requires Muriel’s signature
Line Queue: Patti Saffioti and Michael Farris
     -  Michael and Patti have been using this system to know which students are being seen, when, and by whom.
     -  Has been in use on the main campus but now Muriel wants it to be used at all of the off-site centers.
     -  Wil Perez will be adding the off-site center counselors to this system.
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