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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes
March 13, 2018
Muriel Mickles, Cindy Wallin, Peter Dorman, Jim Lemons, Michael Farris, Pat Gatti, Mike Danos, Sue Cochrane, Ed McGee, Mary Evans, David Lightfoot, Matt Latimer, Kris Ogden, Will Sandidge, Gary Randolph, and Alison Moore
Agenda Items:
NACEP: Will, Kris, and Gary
        -       Muriel said that this is regarding the Dual Enrollment/Concurrent Enrollment Accreditation.
        -     Will said that it is the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships. He said that this is accreditation for classes taught in the high schools by high school faculty.
        -     Will said that this does not include Early College or any other classes that are taught by full-time CVCC employees.
        -     Will gave everyone a handout that explains more and said that there are six categories of standards that will have to be looked at: partnerships, faculty, assessment, curriculum, evaluation, and students.
        -     He said that there will be a lot of work to get this accreditation, including a lot of work with the high schools. He said that we are kicking this off now and will have to work with the high schools before they start back in the fall. Will also said that he and              Dr. Capps will be going out to meet with the superintendents to hopefully sell this program to them because they have to buy into it because there will be a lot of time spent with their faculty.
        -     In January, we will submit to NACEP that we are going to apply for accreditation and then we have to submit everything for the application by June.
        -     In order to get approval, we have to have been doing all of the requirements for a year, so everything will have to be in place by this June.
        -     Gary said that the starting point will be for he, Will, and Kris to get together with the three deans to come up with policies and procedures in order to move forward.
        -     Muriel said that we are already doing a lot of what they are asking for, we just need to formalize it and put everything in writing.
        -     Will said that we will be having a training day for all faculty in the fall before school starts that will include an overview of the program in the morning and then breakout sessions by discipline in the afternoon. 
Educational Program Meeting Update: Kris Ogden
        -       Kris said that the meeting is scheduled for this Thursday at 3pm in 5146 to work through course sequencing/course scheduling.
Phone System: David Lightfoot
        -       David proposed changing the phone system to be service-oriented by department, rather than individually. For example, press 1 for Counseling, 2 for Admissions & Records, 3…that would streamline that call process.
        -     Our message needs to be updated/corrected.
        -     Muriel suggested that David take it to the President’s staff for approval.
        -     David said that he thinks the changes need to be in place by July since that is when our call volume increases.
      Grades/Exams Retention Discussion: Peter Dorman
        -     Peter said that this issue came about from a student grievance and the instructor had shredded the students’ exam after one month, which is in violation of policy.
        -     Faculty are required to keep exams, quizzes, tests, and any graded assignments for at least one year and grades for three years. Peter said that all faculty need to be made aware of this policy so this doesn’t happen again.
        -     The Deans and Matt were encouraged to take this information to their faculty and at the Faculty Association Meeting.
      Other: Muriel Mickles
        -     Muriel said that EAB Navigate is moving right along and all of the build teams are working very hard and moving very fast. You will be hearing more about it as they move along and she said to stay tuned for more information.
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