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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes​
May 22, 2018
Muriel Mickles, Cindy Wallin, Peter Dorman, Michael Farris, Patti Saffioti, Pat Gatti, Kenny Holt, Sue Cochrane, Ed McGee, Mary Evans, David Lightfoot, and Alison Moore

Agenda Items:
Phone System Update: David Lightfoot
-       Muriel said that we have been updating everything, with the exception of our phone system. Muriel said that we need to get it up-to-date with our website and catalog and David is here to continue the conversation that was started in the last meeting.
-     David said that the web and our phones are our primary communication tools. He said that updating our phone system and voicemails will help with user satisfaction.
-     He said that this will be disruptive because it has to do with communication that is used everyday. He gave everyone a handout explaining the process and what the new phone and voicemail system will look like based on transaction boxes.
-     Muriel said that everyone was in agreement that we need to update our phone system. She asked everyone to look over David’s handout and give feedback to him by a week from Friday. After that, she said that we need to look at where to start in implementing the changes.
-     Patti asked about the messages on the phone system and if they can say to email in order to get a quicker response. David said yes, and it may say to go online to apply, schedule an appointment with an advisor, etc.
-     Cindy suggested that David get feedback from students as well via a focus group. Muriel asked Patti to get with Deanne to come up with a focus group of students in order to get their feedback.
Other: Muriel Mickles
-       Muriel complimented on Michael and his team on a great job for Graduation. She said it went very well and she was pleased with the new registrar.
-     Muriel said that Patti and her team had a mentor workshop and it went extremely well. She said that at some point we will have a follow up.
-     She said NACEP and EAB are moving right along. Stay tuned for more updates in the future.
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