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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes​
January 29, 2019
Muriel Mickles, Jim Lemons, Michael Farris, Pat Gatti, Ed McGee, Mary Evans, Alison Moore, Kris Ogden, and Cynthia Lofaso

Agenda Items:

Canvas Training: Ed McGee
Ed said that they are going to do the Canvas Roadshow again this semester like they did last semester, but it will be more advanced this time. He asked for feedback on timing. He said that last semester they did Friday afternoons and had good response from faculty. Kris said that faculty tend to prefer Fridays. Thursday or Friday would work. Ed said that he also wants to go to the off-site centers, so he will work with Pat and Sue for Bedford and Appomattox. Muriel mentioned that there should be a new director at the Amherst Center by the end of this week, so Ed can work with that person to take the Canvas Roadshow out there as well. He said that he hopes to have the full schedule for the Canvas Roadshow by next Wednesday.

Professional Etiquette: Muriel Mickles
Muriel said that the people in your division, make sure that they know how to respond to our public. Even if we do have dirty laundry in our house, we need to keep that to ourselves. Each dean, director and department head needs to make sure that each of their employees know professional etiquette and be very careful how they respond to our public. We are the face of the college and need to make sure we are all presenting it well.

Early Alert: Muriel Mickles
We are working very hard on getting the Early Alert system up and running. Trainings will be forthcoming for all faculty, including adjunct faculty. Michael said that they have had an unexpected positive from this system that they have learned that they can take attendance through this system. It is easy to use and very user friendly.

SACSCOC: Muriel Mickles
The 5th year report for SACSCOC is upon us. One thing that will happen is a visit to JF Early College and EC Glass EC. We think it will be October 21st. They will come in on Monday, will visit main campus and then will visit the chosen sites on Tuesday and Wednesday and then will do an exit report on Thursday. Kris said that meetings are already starting to happen to get ready for this site visit. The reason is at the 5th year, they visit any newly approved sites since the 10th year visit. Any time you go to these sites and have handouts or trainings that needs to be documented to prove that they are getting the same information as on main campus. They will want to talk to students at the high schools to make sure that they are aware of what all is available to them. They will also talk to teachers, administrators, and anyone who is involved with these students. Jim suggested that the deans have a briefing with the faculty at the off-site centers before the visit happens. Kris said that yes, that will be a part of the process to get ready and she will come up with a list of questions that may come up so they are prepared. Alison suggested that the liaisons also are made aware so they can make sure that their faculty are prepared. Muriel said that we are already doing the work, but we just need to make sure that we are documenting it correctly. Muriel asked the deans to get the observation forms in to Kris from fall.

Job Descriptions (HR): Muriel Mickles
Muriel said that we have several faculty that will be retiring for the fall. We want to fill these positions. We need to get these job descriptions out early. She asked the deans to get the job announcements to Randall by February 15th so the announcements can be made soon in order to make sure they have a big pool of applicants to choose from.
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