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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes​
April 9, 2019

Muriel Mickles, Jim Lemons, Cindy Wallin, Michael Farris, Patricia Saffioti, Pat Gatti, Adrienne Allen, Ed McGee, Mary Evans, Alison Moore, David Lightfoot, Donna Grant-Paige, Greg Sullivan, and Cynthia Lofaso

Agenda Items:

Introduction of New Employees: Muriel Mickles
Adrienne Allen is the new site director at the Amherst Center. Dr. Greg Sullivan is the G3 Grant Director. He will be heading up the new CTE Academy at CVCC. Elizabeth Narehood is the new Title III Director.

Dual Enrollment/EC: Donna Grant-Paige
Donna said that certain criteria should be included in a Dual Enrollment Open House. Admissions, tuition, transferability of credits, ineligibility of guaranteed admission, financial aid (fill out FAFSA/Pell info). At Back to School Night, have all forms filled out and sent to Donna because they have to be housed here. Donna said that she created a Quick Guide for Dual Enrollment students and will get that to all sites.

2 Dean Structure: Muriel Mickles
Muriel said that we are moving forward rapidly with this new structure. She is working with Cindy and Jim on this new structure. Dr. Capps wants this in place before fall classes start. The 2 divisions will be CTE & Workforce and all Transfer & Developmental programs. David mentioned that there will be extensive changes that will need to be made in SIS. More information will be forthcoming as this moves along.

Learning Commons: Muriel Mickles
The new Learning Commons will be one place for the Math MALL, Student Success Center, Writing Center, etc. All student support systems will be in one area, on the top floor of Bedford Hall. There is a group of people working on the logistics and working out how to make this happen. They are looking at implementing a welcome area right there in the lobby. If the space provides, they are looking at moving other support services over there. Patti would also potentially be moving over there to oversee the support services and the area.

Canvas: Muriel Mickles
Muriel said that faculty need to know that Blackboard is going away as of May 17th. Faculty who are teaching online in Blackboard must transfer their courses to Canvas before May 17th. Ed thinks that if all faculty wait until the last minute, they will break Blackboard and it will crash, which would mean that Blackboard might not be working during exam week.

Status of Communication Design: Muriel Mickles
Communication Design will be discontinued. The discontinuation process has been initiated and there will be a 2-year teach out plan so current students will be able to finish and get their degrees.

SACSCOC (NACEP) Update: Muriel Mickles
We were working toward NACEP accreditation, but we are no longer seeking that accreditation, however, the VCCS has adopted the NACEP standard, which are also mirrored by SACS standards. We are following the VCCS standards, which are several of the NACEP standards, which are also SACS standards, but not the full accreditation.

29-hour Employee Review: Muriel Mickles
Muriel said to please remember that 29 hours is 29 hours. Employees cannot teach if they are working 29 hours.
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