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 Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes​
 June 4, 2019
Agenda Items:
  • Personnel Changes
    • Sue Cochrane – retired
      • Position will be advertised
    • Barbara Scott – retired, position not to be advertised
    • Cathy Sanders – will be moving to the BAH Office
    • Susan Hogg – has taken another job at the University of Lynchburg
    • Barbara Thurston – will be moving to the Workforce Office
    • Hunter Overstreet – will take on the responsibility of the front desk in Counseling
    • Collins Friddle – has moved to the Office of Institutional Research and Strategic Planning
  • New Hires
    • Community Connections Coordinator - Renee Chalmers has been hired to fill this position
    • Faculty Positions (BIO, CHM, ENG) – Faculty positions will be filled. There will be only one English hire.
  • Student Complaints
    • Log – The student complaint log was discussed with the staff and staff are strongly encouraged to use this form to have a record of complaints results.
  • Mandated Trainings
    • Title IX – for students as well as faculty, staff and administration
    • Early Alert - For faculty.There will be a training session at Convocation.
  • EAB Team travel to Wiregrass in GA (Elizabeth Narehood) – A team of four (Muriel Mickles, Evan Abatacola, Elizabeth Narehood and Kim French) will travel to a conference held at Wiregrass Technical college to explore best practices in the usage of EAB Navigate.  Wiregrass is ahead of CVCC in their EAB implementation. 
  • Learning Commons
    • Classroom relocation – the development math classroom will be moved from Merritt to Bedford Hall.
    • MALL relocation – MALL will be moved from Merritt to Bedford Hall upstairs.
  • Two Dean Division – We are progressing slowly but surely.

Non-Agenda Items:

Pat Gatti: 
  • High School dual enrollment grades are not in
  • Told grades submitted
  • Why doesn’t dual enrollment do own grades?
  • Issues with keeping security training current (don’t do)
Elizabeth Narehood:
  • Has the Enrollment Taskforce met yet?
  • Patti said not yet
  • Check with Michael for date
Alison Moore:
  • Tentative plan for Convocation
  • One day
  • August 16th
  • Survey (Professional Development) – results back
  • Sarah Jarrett and Alison will look at results and compile
  • Revamp and improve Professional Development
Elizabeth Narehood:
  • Title III update
  • Designated some positions as interim – salaries will come out of grant
  • Interim report has been received
  • Have held 2 steering committee meetings
  • Completed the Title III manual
  • Grant positions are now fully staffed
  • Best practice in EAB
    • Further along than we are
  • Hosting summit in Wiregrass region
  • Great performance data
Ed McGee:
  • Did pilot survey for students who used Canvas
  • 129 responses
  • 77% prefer Canvas to BlackBoard
  • 56% make classwork easier
  • Limited negative comments
  • Need to push mobile app
  • Will replace Collaborate with Zoom
  • Live Online! – is what we will call “collaborate” classes in future
Pat Gatti:
  • Finishing Early College Orientations
  • 52 students in entering class
  • 103 Students at Bedford Center
  • Forest graduated first class (11)
  • New group – only 13
  • Talked to JF Advisory Group and told them needed at least 20 to continue the program
  • SACS coming in October
  • Bedford County is supportive of our needs
Adrienne Allen: Interviewing for counselor (3 people)

Patti Saffioti:
  • Perkins Grant written
  • Resource Guide almost done for this year
  • First Learning Commons meeting today – good energy
  • Want to get away from word “tutoring” for more positive word
  • Campaign “Yes You Can” will be on TV, Facebook
  • With money left over from Perkins – change name from Bedford Hall Resources Center to Bedford Hall Learning Commons
  • Will develop website
  • Will develop new signage
  • Will create video for faculty to play first week of classes
  • Need catchy tagline for Learning Commons
  • Pan to have tents for Student Success Fair - some outside maybe second week of classes
  • Open House for Learning Commons
  • Online tutoring - can choose tutoring platform that we want
  • Brainfuse – we will be the online tutoring platform that we will go with
  • $24.00/hour, 5 hours per student
  • Will use Navigate to make appointments for tutoring
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