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Committee Name: Academic Affairs
Meeting Date: 9/10/2020 12:00:00 AM
The regular meeting of the Vice President Staff was called to order at 2:00pm on September 10, 2019 in the President’s Conference room by Dr. Muriel Mickles.

Philmika Reid is our new Community Connections Coordinator.
Debbie Gilliam is the new Appomattox Center Director.

Open Issues

Enrollment Numbers – Dr. Mickles stated that the enrollment numbers are much lower than we expected.  This is a critical time, and we must be able to balance our budget. Two components to focus on; retention and retaining the students from fall to spring.

Early Alert System – Continue to encourage faculty to send an Early Alert for each Student.  We need to be proactive.  Site Directors, this includes our Early College students too.  We do not want students to fall through the cracks.

Schedule Section Codes - Muriel stated that section codes are used to build classes in SIS, but they have become too complicated.  If we need a cheat sheet to breakdown our coding system, how do we expect our students to decipher class codes.   David Lightfoot has a recommendation for a simpler system – Search Pages. 

David Lightfoot – Search Pages will replace our current class listing.  Students will search for classes by subject, location, days, times, modes, etc.  It will provide students a user-friendly method of building their schedule. 

David Lightfoot Computer Login – Also, on Thursday, you will log into your computer with your email address and current password. 

Muriel Mickles - Ad Astra will be on campus October 8th.  They have worked with CVCC to ensure classes are offered at times and days (on grid) so that students can complete their program in the allocated time.

Alison Moore - To apply for Professional Development funds go to Communique, Documents, Professional-Development-Funding-Requests.  The Great Teachers Seminar will be held on the CVCC campus.  It is a great way to enhance your teaching skills.
Cindy Wallin – The new Arts & Science division is doing great!  Due to the merger, adjunct contracts are going out a little later, but their first pay date will remain the same.

Ed McGee – Live online is going well, we have 99 students.  We are broadcasting a class at Jefferson Forest High School.  Canvas is going well.  We are always willing to do more training.

Patti Saffioti – Learning Commons we have had over 250 students come through for tutoring.  Out Student Success Fair is tomorrow, and the Foundation gave us two classes to give away, Main and Market donated gifts cards.  We have over 40 prizes.

Greg Sullivan – G3 is six weeks to completion and we are on track. 


  • Learning Commons Open House, September 11th, 11am-5:00pm on Thursday
  • Dual Enrollment Workshop for High School Teachers, this Friday, Sept. 13.
  • Habitat for Humanity Build – Saturday, September 14th
  • SACS visit tentatively scheduled October 21-23


Meeting was adjourned at time by Dr. Muriel Mickles. 
Mary Zoccola
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